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    Here, at Aastha, We treat a wide Spectrum with advanced technology!

    Aastha Kidney And Super specialty Hospital is the best healthcare centre which aims to provide effective healthcare solutions to the society. All our healthcare services are offered by a team of highly skilled professionals who have years of experience in the respective fields.
    Our hospital is providing the service to the society with world-class facilities with quality medicine and surgical treatment in Ludhiana. Our main focus is to excel in patient care with the best service on time.


    The Best Urlogists in Punjab at your Service: Aastha Hospital is one of Ludhiana's best urology and kidney hospitals, with world-class doctors and patient treatment technology. Urologists are both clinical and doctoral surgeons. The doctors will help to examine and diagnose the urological problem first, only after proper examination, they recommend you the treatment as well as perform the surgery to correctly address the issue. Our urology and kidney hospital reliably offers the best combination of medical treatment, study, and professional preparation to fulfill their patients’ needs.
    Our Hospital also provides emotional and psychological support as well as care to patients such as pre- and post-treatment. With Dr. Neena Gupta at the helm of this Hospital, supported by two physician assistants and several medical social workers, it provides comprehensive care and support to patients at every step of the treatment. Over 4000 urology treatments have been done by our specialists. Our kidney and urology care center is equipped to provide advanced and team-based care. We also offer new patients an excellent support system through meet-ups and discussions.


    Oncourology department is designed to treat several health problems such as Radical nephrectomy for renal tumors, Prostate cancer, Ureteral tumor, Bladder tumor, Penis cancer, Urethral tumor, and Testicular tumors. Our team of specialists has well- experienced and proper training to perform surgeries to treat these problems in humans. Our team of experts not only offer you the surgical treatment but also suggest you some tips to remain fit as well as healthy all the time in life.
    In urology and kidney center, we have services for daycare procedures like urethral catheterization, urethral dilation, abortion, phrenuloplasty, hydrocelectomy, etc. We have good quality, inexpensive services. We offer genuine and professional advice to ensure that your time and money get the best possible value. So, you do not take tension, just make an appointment to meet our specialist.


    Andrology is explained as a treatment of male fertility problems and other problems such as Andropause as well as metabolic problems are covered in this department. Our specialists are always ready to turn your dreams into reality by offering you the most suitable treatment as per your health condition. Here, at our well-known hospital, almost thousands of couples turn their dream into a reality of having a baby. Also, they change their life with our medical and health care options.
    For patients with severe erectile dysfunction, we are among the few who do penile prosthesis in Ludhiana. We believe in advising the younger generation on marital and sexual life through interviews as well as newspapers. All cases of male infertility are evaluated first, only then the appropriate surgery is performed in our center. To give better results, microscopic varicocele ligation is performed for the patients required.


    A team of doctors at Aastha hospital can handle kidney-related diseases effectively. The doctors have handled every case with precision and utmost care. The nephrologists work along with therapists to give an individualized and comprehensive treatment plan by keeping in mind the patient’s lifestyle and what all their requirements are. Patients with kidney disease need special care and treatment plans. Our hospital takes pride in giving the best outcome with our best services and advanced treatment options.
    Our team of experts comprises pediatric nephrologists, pediatricians, and pediatric nurses. A pediatric surgeon is also available to support us in the management of children’s urological problems. Our hospital has specialization to treat certain conditions including Nephrotic syndrome, Childhood hypertension, Urinary tract infection, Urinary tract stone diseases, Acute kidney failure in children, Chronic kidney diseases in children, Vesicoureteric reflux, Inherited tubular disorders of the kidney, and Long-term dialysis for children.

    Nipro hemodialysis

    Healthy as well as Safe kidneys are helpful to purify the blood and eliminate excess fluid in the form of urine from our body. In case, you are facing any type of problem, then just visit us once. Our hospital has a specialization in performing Dialysis to remove some of the functions that affect the kidney badly. Our hospital has a specialization in performing dialysis that is composed of 2 different types such as Hemodialysis and Peritoneal dialysis for patients with kidney failure.
    We provide tailored consulting services to our patients to choose the most appropriate treatment for their condition. One of the largest in the world, our Haemodialysis Unit is designed to treat almost 40 patients at any one time. We ensure comprehensive patient monitoring with our state-of-the-art dialysis machines and provide personalized care by dialysis staff and dedicated medical officers.


    Our renal care nurses at Aastha Urology and Kidney hospital are too compassionate, interdisciplinary towards their profession. They offer you specialist care as well as act as patient care coordinators. They always work with the collaboration of your primary care doctors, so that you can get the highest quality, most efficient treatment. Our team of specialists always provides you complete renal care to make your life easy as our hospital has a well-equipped and modified ICU center.
    The hospital, with several years of experience, provides the patients with supreme quality treatment solutions to provide the best cure. The care given to patients at Aastha Kidney and Superspeciality Hospital is unparalleled, giving no one a single chance to complain. Over the years, we have treated patients from various countries such as the USA, UK, Canada, Iran, and Malaysia. We are dedicated to delivering excellent treatment of consideration, kindness & integrity in order to fulfill the expectations of our patients arriving from all over the globe.

    Laparoscopic Kidney Surgery

    Earlier, the kidney surgery needed large incisions and the process was lengthy. But, here at Aastha hospital, the laparoscopic and keyhole surgery has been developed recently, which has changed the entire process. We have specialization to provide you with an incision as well as painless surgical treatment. We not only offer you the best treatment but also suggest you certain healthy tips to heal easily. This way your current health issue will be solved with ease.
    We are one of the centers that perform urological laparoscopic surgery, both ablative and reconstructive. Nephrectomy and pyeloplasty, deroofing of the renal cyst, ureterolithotomy are now routinely done with the laparoscopic approach.
    We have the best pathological laboratories at our Aastha kidney and urology center. We facilitate the collection of samples at both clinic and home and ensure that the reports are delivered on time.

    Specialized Health Needs

    Our Services

    We understand constant attention is just as important as a major operation by a surgeon!

    Super Specialty

    The new age with less time has resulted in the conceptual change toward fewer time-consuming care with urological patients.

    • Works on the Uroflow
    • Urodynamics
    • Transrectal ultrasound and Biopsy of the prostate
    • Diagnostic Flexible Cystoscopy
    • Bedside Smooth cystoscopy
    • The Lithotripsy (ESWL)
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    Complete treatment Assessment

    Our specialist first examines you properly, so that they can make a suitable treatment plan for you. This includes-:

    • Clinical evaluation
    • Uroflowmetry
    • Urodynamic lab for Pressure Flow Study
    • TUIP
    • Flexible Cystoscopy
    • Plasma Kinetic Prostatectomy (Saline cutting)
    • TURP
    • HOL-RUP: Laser Prostatectomy
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    Evaluation and treatment of :

    Here, at Aastha, you will get treatment for the below-mentioned problems along with kidney issues. These are-:

    • Erectile Dysfunction
    • Male Infertility
    • Penile Implants
    • Female urinary tract problems
    • Correction of Penile Curvature
    • Penile Lengthening and widening
    • Microscopic Surgery: VEA
    • Microscopic Varicocoelectomy
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    frequently asked questions (FAQs)

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    Chronic kidney disease is the term for reduced kidney function or kidney damage which can stay there for more than 3 months. In some cases, it can lead to kidney failure or end-stage renal disease in which the patient needs dialysis or kidney transplant to keep them alive.

    End-stage renal disease is permanent and total kidney failure. The kidney fails, the body retains fluid, and harmful waste starts building up. You need to have dialysis or kidney transplant to keep yourself alive.

    Dialysis the way of cleaning the blood. This is the medical treatment for people with ESRD which helps to do some of the work which healthy kidneys can do. This can help to remove waste, extra water, regulate body fluid balance, and control the blood pressure.

    The dialysis treatment is of 2 types which include peritoneal and hemodialysis. Each of the options has its advantages, scheduling options, and requirements. According to your health and other factors, the doctor will schedule the treatment for you.

    You can travel but you need to have all the medications and get access to the dialysis facility. Our specialists will help to prepare the treatment plan and arrange the service you need for dialysis. Talk to the doctor before you plan for the trip.

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