5 Myths and Facts about Kidney Transplant

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5 Myths and Facts about Kidney Transplant

  • April 21, 2023


Kidney Transplant is a highly effective method that adds more to the life of people suffering from kidney failure. Advanced technology has added more to the reliability of kidney transplants and provides an ease to patients. However, people get tensed as soon as they hear the mere word of a kidney transplant due to being given knowledge of myths of the same.

With the goal of convincing people to undergo kidney transplant surgery, we will be blowing away the myths and sharing some facts to assist you throughout the process. 

Myth: Kidney transplant is a cure for kidney diseases

Fact: Kidney transplant isn’t known to be a cure for kidney diseases and works only as a treatment option for kidney failure. However, it can further reduce the risk of chronic kidney diseases, diabetes, infections, and a few more complications.

Myth: Only young people are eligible to get done with a kidney transplant

Fact: Any individual, irrespective of his age, is eligible to undergo kidney transplant surgery. Any individual who finds himself at the end stage of kidney failure is eligible to get done with a kidney transplant.

Myth: Transplant failure leads to death

Fact: Surgeries can take an unwanted turn at any moment without giving the slightest signs. However, if this is the case with kidney transplants, it won’t lead to the death of a kidney patient. You are suggested to choose the best kidney doctor, Ludhiana, to make sure there are no failures.

Myth: There is no eligibility criterion for the donor

Fact: Anyone who is donating a kidney needs to be a recipient of a first-degree blood relative that, includes a mother, father, brother, sister, or spouse. Arrangement of every kidney donor is to be done in accordance with the kidney transplant act.

Myth: Dialysis is a better option than a Kidney transplant

Fact: People are often found with false information on dialysis being a better option for kidney failure as compared to a kidney transplant. However, there is no such thing as people who choose kidney transplants are known to live way longer as compared to people who chose dialysis for their kidney failure. 

End Thoughts

For anyone who is yet to make a decision to undergo a kidney transplant surgery, it is crucial to be aware of each one of the above-mentioned myths and facts to make sure they do not get misguided.