Urologist Consultation: 7 things to experience on your first urologist visit

Urologist Office Visit Experience

Urologist Consultation: 7 things to experience on your first urologist visit

  • June 20, 2022


When you are consulting a medical expert for the first time, it might make you think about what will happen and what not. This concern is extremely common among males when they need to visit a urologist and Kidney specialist In Punjab. When you are planning to consult the urologist he will check your urinary bladder, kidneys, adrenal glands, male reproductive organ, and urethra. Moreover, the doctor can suspect if you have male infertility. The urologist is trained to offer surgical and medical treatment depending on what’s wrong with your well-being.

7 things that happen on the first urologist visit

First thing: Provide urine specimen

When you visit one of the best hospital in Ludhiana to consult a urologist he will ask you to provide a urine specimen. So, make sure to drink enough water before you visit the urologist. The test allows you to check any kind of urological condition that you might have. As you reach the urologist you need to give the specimen right away.

Second thing: Complete paperwork

After that you need to get the paperwork done, answering all the necessary questions about your health issue. The questionnaire might include questions regarding the symptoms, any sexual health concerns, or another health issue. You need to answer all the necessary questions properly.

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Third thing: Give detailed medical history

As you enter the clinic you need to give a detailed medical history to analyze the underlying condition. The doctor will diagnose the urologic problem and accordingly proceed further to give you the necessary medications, vitamins, and supplements. At every step, it’s pivotal for you to be as clear as possible. In case you are taking any medication at present, make sure to tell the urologist about the same.

Fourth thing: Get the physical examination

The urologist will perform a physical examination to check the genitourinary system. The genital examination along with a digital rectal examination checks what’s wrong with the prostate. It’s essential to get everything checked to analyze the root cause of the problem.

Fifth Thing: Following examination

As the urologist keeps on checking your conditions, it makes it easier to determine the most appropriate solution. The doctor will perform different tests and even might see the past test results. For better understanding the urologist can ask you to get:

  • Blood count test
  • Kidney function
  • Test PSA (Prostate-Specific Antigen)
  • Check testosterone level

Sixth Thing: Get imaging studies

You need to get imaging studies to check the bladder, kidney, prostate, and other essential body parts effectively. The imaging scan helps to better visualize the organs and what is wrong with them.

Seventh thing: A minimally invasive procedure

If the condition demands then the urologist will ask you to get a minimally invasive procedure or cystoscopy to make everything well-balanced.

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