Kidney Care: 7 top signs that signal you have a kidney stone

Top Signs That Indicates Kidney Stone
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Kidney Care: 7 top signs that signal you have a kidney stone

  • May 24, 2022


Kidney care requires the utmost attention

Around 1 in 10 people have kidney stone problems at some point. Kidney stones have become extremely common with time. The increasing cases of kidney stones are due to obesity problems and many other possible signs.

With kidney stones, minerals and salts get formed in the blood. As the concentration increases, the kidney will have more problems over time. To seek the best possible care, you need to visit one of the leading Kidney Stone Hospital in Punjab and get the proper medical assistance for kidney care.

If, over time, kidney health gets down, it cannot perform the necessary function. Then there are high chances of undergoing Dialysis in Punjab. Depending on your overall kidney health, the doctor informs you of the steps required.

7 Common Symptoms of Kidney Stone

Here are some of the common symptoms that tell that you have a kidney stone:

Symptom 1: Belly or back pain

Kidney stone is severe and stabbing pain. The pain occurs in the lower back, belly, or sides. The kidney stone pain occurs in waves, and the stone may move along. If the stone position shifts, then the pain location even shifts.

Symptom 2: Pain while urinating

Pain during urination signs that stone is now present in the ureter, and then it goes down to the bladder. It’s possible to have a burning sensation like a urinary tract infection.

Symptom 3: Cloudy or foul-like smelling urine

Cloudy or foul-like smelling urine is the sign you have a urinary tract infection as healthy urine is transparent. The bad odor in urine means chances of germs are higher, or the concentration is way too much as compared to expected. So, you must know what’s the sign of healthy urine.

Symptom 4: Sudden urge to urinate

Do you feel a sudden urge to urinate all the time? Your kidney stone is now present in the lower part of the urinary tract. The urgency to go to the washroom might be present with or without infection.

 Symptom 5: Decline in urine flow

If your urine flow is shallow, it might signify that kidney stones are blocking it. It’s one of the signs that you have to report to your doctor right away.

Symptom 6: Nausea

Another common symptom is nausea. The nausea-like feeling occurs when stone irritates the nerves in the belly, and the stomach will be upset. Not all the pain might be due to excruciating pain or infection.

Symptom 7: Fever & chills

Fever and chills are signs the body’s immunity is trying to stand still against infection. No doubt, fever can typically occur due to other health issues. But, if fever comes with the symptoms mentioned above, it’s a possible sign of kidney stones.