Are Sleeping Issues Related To Pulmonary Conditions? How To Deal With Them?


Are Sleeping Issues Related To Pulmonary Conditions? How To Deal With Them?

  • September 9, 2021


According to the pulmonologist in Ludhiana, “Patients suffering from some kind of pulmonary problem may have issues with sound-sleeping. Such issues are always consequential to Nighthour awakening and Daytime Sleepiness.”

If pulmonary patients let their sleep problems get aggravated, then the symptoms of both the Asthma and COPD get more progressed” – says the most recognized Chest Specialist in Punjab practising in Astha Super Speciality hospital.


In this blog post, we are going to enlist the steps by which the sleep-patients can improve this issue.

How To Improve Your Sleep?

  • Fix your sleeping and awakening timings

I know, when the weekends hit, then each of us likes to sleep and get up late in the night and morning respectively. But this is deemed as the most common reason for the progressing sleep issues.No matter whether tomorrow is a day off from school or work or not, you should still maintain your sleeping schedule for pulmonary health.

  • Do not consume stimulants

Caffeine in the form of coffee is the most common stimulant which people consume for three days. We all know about the lasting effects of caffeine. If you are suffering from insomnia, then it is advised that you limit your caffeine content and do not consume it for 4 to 5 hours before sleeping.

  • Do not take short naps

If it’s difficult for you to sleep during the nights, then you are suggested not to take any kind of short daytime nap. Napping is responsible for affecting the quality of nighttime sleep in the worst way.

  • Do not skip exercise

Try to do regular exercise or yoga. With this, our body gets improved and becomes tired which then needs sleep.

Please note!

Doing exercise, yoga, dance or aerobics just before going to bed may produce a stimulating effect on the body, which will make it difficult for you to sleep.

  • Use bed for only 2 things

If you are an insomnia-suffering person, then keep your bed restricted for only two things. These are: Sleeping and having sex. Do not use it for any kind of work management or study like purposes.

  • Do not eat or drink anything before going to bed

When we eat something, our digestive system gets activated and thus it gets difficult to sleep. So having dinner in the early hours is the best thing we all can do to avoid sleeping problems.

  • Your sleeping environment should be comfortable

Incorporate and adjust everything in your sleeping environment which you deem comfortable and gladdening. When you are relaxed and comfortable, only then can you expect sound and peaceful sleep.

  • Do not worry before going to bed

When you have lied on your bed, then do not think anything worrisome. It will lead you to overthink which is not at all conducive for sound sleep.


Final Comments!

Not just for the sake of the enhancement of the cognitive abilities but for the overall health of the body, you should do everything possible to have a sound sleep.