Are you wondering when is the right time to consult the kidney specialist?

Are you wondering when is the right time to consult the kidney specialist?
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Are you wondering when is the right time to consult the kidney specialist?

  • February 19, 2021


‘When Should I See a Kidney Specialist?’ This is one of the most common questions asked by the patients. Consulting the kidney specialist in Ludhiana will make you understand your kidney health and is there anything else which you should do. Daily we get several emails from the patients wanting to know about their concerns. Let’s talk you through one of the situations and what our doctor suggested.

Mail Subscribers concern

One of the subscribers named Prateek Jain mailed us saying, “ One of the friends with a childhood issue of diabetes is 40 years old. Despite taking care of herself religiously and even her sugar levels are great, her primary care doctor told her that her kidney function is going down. The normal is 100 and she has reached 50.

Kidney function is going down

The doctor has asked her to come back again in one month. Last week she was so worried that she was short of breath and she had a feeling of a heart attack. When the doctor checks the GFR (level of kidney function) it has reached 45. The doctor has told me that if it goes beyond 40 then she needs to consult a kidney specialist. Would you recommend what we should do? Thanks!

Our doctor’s thought

Here’s what our doctor has to say. No doubt, understanding the kidney function can be stressful. Although there are around 2 million kidney filters and the nephrologist says that there are around 100 filters. All of these are performing the job to remove the unwanted fluid and toxins from the body.

Diabetic people are at risk

High blood pressure and diabetic people are prone to get the damaged filters. One of our studies has shown that these patients have 50 out of 100 filters working. With the increased count of damaged filters, the rest of them need to do more work. Once 10 to 15 are left, the toxins and waste are not easily removed from the body & the patient is suggested to get kidney dialysis.

Consulting the health expert at the right time

I would suggest my patients consult me when the filters are at 60, instead of waiting to reach it at 40. This is because the chances of preventing kidney dialysis will be difficult. So, if the level is below 60 then consult the kidney specialist at the earliest.

Getting the blood test

The patient needs to get a blood test. The lower number does not indicate that you need to consult a kidney doctor. Evaluating your condition can tell better what needs to be done and the type of treatment that will work for you.

I would highly recommend your friend to see me as her number is below 60. Even if the number is more than 60, consulting the kidney doctor will prevent the situation from getting worse. Timely medical intervention will prevent the situation from seeing the kidney dialysis machine. Even if you need kidney dialysis, the doctor can help you.


Well! Waiting for a long time is not worth any situation. If you or your loved ones are in the same situation, then do not delay the need for a medical emergency.