Be aware of common misconceptions and treatment plan for ED

Everything you should know about the problem of erectile dysfunctioning
erectile dysfunction

Be aware of common misconceptions and treatment plan for ED

  • July 7, 2022


ED (Erectile Dysfunction): Get clarity on misconceptions

ED is one of the most common concerns among men. Any man struggling with the problem won’t admit or think he is struggling from this concern. But, it’s essential to look for a specific concern and address it correctly. Although, in the process of doing so, many men start thinking stuff that is not right, which creates an all problematic situation. This is where you must find one of the best Urologist in Ludhiana who can give you the most prompt care and make you understand the entire situation. It’s an effective treatment approach and knowing what’s right and wrong about ED.

 Busting the most common misconception about ED

Misconception 1: I need to live with ED, as I am getting old

Truth: YES! The problem triggers older men, but that does not mean you must ignore the situation. If you are struggling with the same, you need to get erectile dysfunction treatment in Punjab so your sex life won’t be affected at any cost. The right treatment will make a difference and ensure your ongoing life does not have problems. Consult the medical professional for the best possible solution.

 Misconception 2: Young men don’t suffer from ED

Truth: That’s not true at all. The ED is one of those issues that can occur in younger men, who can even admit they have this problem.

 Misconception 3: Loose underwear helps to stop ED problem

Truth: If you keep wearing tight underwear on a daily basis, then it’s likely to be linked with infertility as testicle temperature increases. Additionally, there’s no claim why tight underwear is the known cause of ED. It’s all about understanding what works for the given scenario. 

Misconception 4: Poor relationships can trigger ED

Truth: The usual reason behind ED is physiological instead of psychological. There are high chances the brain gets affected suddenly when everything is not smooth in life or even in personal relationships. At times, the problem can be a major reason behind having physical issues instead of a mental health problem. The given scenario demands you to consult with the doctor at the earliest.

 Misconception 5: Men with ED don’t have any sexual desire

Truth: The man’s sexual hormones might increase in the body and, at times, struggle to maintain what’s right and wrong. And that’s why it’s essential to effectively see the underlying reason and accordingly tackle the situation. So, it’s wrong to think that men struggling with ED don’t have sexual desire. It’s just the situation they are struggling in, and they don’t know how to manage it. 

Concluding thought

If you have been dealing with ED and cannot smoothly enjoy your sexual life, then it’s time to seek medical assistance immediately. The expertise of a well-known urologist at Aastha Kidney and Super Speciality Hospital will give you the most effective possible care.