Benefits of PCNL Surgery for Kidney Stone Removal in Ludhiana

PCNL surgery in Ludhiana

Benefits of PCNL Surgery for Kidney Stone Removal in Ludhiana

  • June 7, 2023


When kidney stones cannot pass on their own, PCNL removes them from the body.

Percutaneous” refers to going through the skin. By using this method, a passageway is created between the skin on the back and the kidney. Experts of PCNL surgery in Ludhiana use special tools passed via a tiny tube in your back to find and remove kidney stones.

This method is generally used for larger stones when fewer cuts methods do not work.

Define Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy (PCNL).

It is a minimally cut surgery used to remove a kidney stone that is too complex or hard to be treated with other known invasive methods. However, the surgery can cause minimum discomfort or pain. It helps with the nasty living signs of large kidney stones without difficulties. There is no need for depression sufferers to worry about returning to their everyday lives. The benefits of PCNL, such as smaller incisions and shorter recovery times, have enabled it to replace outdated open surgery.

Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy: Procedure

  • PCNL Is done under general anesthetic.
  • The whole surgery will take about 1 to 3 hours.
  • It is a less invasive way where a small cut is made in the back to reach the kidney.
  • A Hollow tube is then passed via the skin into the kidney, enabling another instrument to be put into the kidney to remove the stone.
  • An ultrasound or x-ray is used during the operation to get a visual of the stones. Stones are visualized, fragmented, and removed through the tube using instruments.

A drainage catheter (nephrostomy) may be inserted into the kidney, exiting through the back and draining into a bag at the end of the procedure. The tubes assist in draining urine from the kidneys. Before you leave the hospital, any nephrostomy tubes will be removed. A stent is often left in place for two to six weeks. A later removal will be needed, and arrangements will need to be made.


There are many benefits of PCNL surgery:

  •  It is a minimally cut method, which means fewer difficulties than open surgery.
  •  Many stones can be removed at a time with this surgery.
  •  This process has a post-procedure stone-free rate of more than 97%.
  •  The patient feels less pain as compared to open surgery.
  •  The patients can return to their daily life as compared to open surgery.

Final words

PCNL surgery in Ludhiana is one of the best methods to eliminate kidney stones. This features less pain, cuts, and recovery faster than open surgery. If you are suffering from kidney stones and want the best treatment, look no further than Aastha Hospital. Get in touch now.