What are the topmost professional tips for dialysis patients during pandemics?


What are the topmost professional tips for dialysis patients during pandemics?

  • December 24, 2020



Pandemics have affected everyone’s life to a great extent. Many things have come to a halt or the way things are done has changed. Especially, the people who are undergoing treatment or facing health issues need to take proper care. The patients who are getting dialysis treatment need to follow the suggestions given by the doctor.

In this blog, we are going to take you through the tips which the patient needs to follow when they visit the dialysis centre in Ludhiana.


Make sure to tell about the symptoms

If you are facing kidney problems and noticed unwanted symptoms then make sure to get medical help on time. Before you visit the dialysis centre and noticed these symptoms then make sure to inform them about the same:

  • Recent onset fever
  • Cough
  • Sore throat
  • Diarrhea
  • Running nose
  • Shortness of breath or dyspnea
  • Body ache or fatigue
  • Make sure if you traveled recently or come in contact with a person who has traveled abroad.


Important tips to keep in mind

  • Reach out to the clinic staff on time

You need to reach out to the dialysis centre on time if you noticed any unwanted symptoms or issues. It is better to ask someone to take you to the clinic in case of emergency instead of waiting.

  • Wait till the time you get instructions

All the patients need to wait outside the dialysis centre before they want to get the treatment. Once they get specific instruction from the unit staff they can consult the doctor.

  • Social distancing

Social distancing is the need of the hours. While you are waiting for the dialysis you need to ensure that you are wearing the mask and follow the social distancing rules.

  • Facemask is important to wear

Patients with respiratory infection need to put on the facemask before they enter the screening area to get the check-up done. The patients need to keep wearing it till the time they have not left the dialysis units.

You can even get adequate masks if someone is accompanying you and they do not have one.

  • Wash the hands

Make sure that you wash the hands with soap and water for 20 seconds. You need to follow the correct method of hand washing. Keep in mind, you are going to touch multiple surfaces daily or when you visit the dialysis unit, so wash the hands properly.


Make sure that you follow the cough etiquettes like sneezing or coughing should be done inside the elbow or use the tissue paper. If you are using tissue paper then make sure to dispose of it correctly. If you follow the rules it is going to protect the people around you. So, make sure you are following the doctor’s guidelines and the necessary COVID-19 guidelines.



What are the topmost tips for choosing a renowned kidney specialist?

  • December 21, 2020


In this blog, we are going to mention the topmost tips which help you to select the renowned nephrologist from the best kidney transplant or dialysis in Ludhiana.

  • Get referrals

You should start by taking referrals from loved ones or consult the primary care doctor. You should ask friends, family, and other healthcare providers for recommendations.  Once you have narrowed down the list you should book your consultation.


  • Research and Nephrologists Credentials

Board certification is an important factor to consider when you are selecting a nephrologist. It helps the doctor to have the necessary skills, experience, and training so that they have better healthcare services to provide to the patients. You should also confirm that the kidney specialist you choose has not any disciplinary issues or malpractice claims. You should check the nephrologist certifications, malpractices, and past reviews to understand better about what type of treatment they have done in the past.

  • Consider the nephrologists experience

When it comes to health, you need to find someone who is experienced. When the Nephrologist has years of experience, it helps the treatment results to be better. You should ask the doctor about how many patients he has treated in the past. If you know there is a need for a specific procedure, then you should ask about how many procedures he has done, its success results, and the complications linked to it.

  • Consider gender

While getting the treatment it is important that you feel comfortable as you need to discuss your health and personal details. So, while getting the treatment make sure to discuss your personal information. With time, the doctors are becoming experienced in treating men and women differently so that they feel comfortable. Make sure to ask the doctor about his experience & training so that the condition can be treated.

  • Get to know about the hospital quality

It is important to make sure that the hospital you are choosing should provide you with the best quality of care. The hospital quality matters a lot, so you need to choose the clinic which is top-rated as it ensures that the treatment is the best and the improved techniques are used. During the treatment, you need to visit the clinic for follow-ups, treatment, and tests to determine your condition in a better way.

  • Effective communication style

You need to select the nephrologist with whom you are the most comfortable, and they should provide you with all the necessary information. During the consultation, you should ask him different questions and check whether they are being answered properly or not. It is important to find a doctor who helps you to make an informed decision.

When you do research and give time to look for an experienced doctor, the treatment will be the best and the success rate is also higher.