Kidney health: What are the common myths and facts about kidney disease?

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Kidney health: What are the common myths and facts about kidney disease?

  • April 19, 2022


Myths and Facts About Kidney Disease

Do you wait for World Kidney Health Day to understand its importance? Every day is important, and you cannot even leave a single instance to take care of your well-being when it comes to health. Taking care of your kidney health and wondering to know more about the same might make you think about what is right and not. The process of learning will make you stumble upon a lot of information that’s not right or relevant the way it needs to be. In case you are dealing with a kidney problem, then better pay a visit to one of the leading Kidney Hospital in Ludhiana to know better what’s right and not. Don’t fall for the myths that are present out there. Get medical assistance to know better what’s suitable for you.


Busting myths about kidney disease

Myth 1: Kidney diseases cannot be cured

Fact: Well, that’s not true. Kidney diseases are curable as you seek timely treatment. There are a few conditions which are reversible when you plan for your treatment on time. It does make a difference when the treatment and medications are started on time. You have to be prompt in consulting one of the known Urologist in Ludhiana to understand what’s wrong with your urinary health and how effectively it can be dealt with.


Myth 2: My health is fine, and I don’t have any kidney issues

Fact: There is one problem with chronic kidney disease, no apparent symptoms are noticed initially. Therefore, it’s all important to get the tests done on time to understand the issue and how it can be dealt with. The doctor will do the necessary test to shed light on your kidney function and let you know on time if something is wrong.


Myth 3: Urine output is higher, so my kidneys are fine

Fact: In some cases, kidney output is less, which is a sign of a kidney issue. On the other hand, some have higher urine output and have kidney problems. So, it’s better that you don’t let your urine output decide whether you have kidney disease. It’s imperative to consult the kidney doctor at the earliest.


Myth 4: Drink water to keep kidneys healthy, and it’s one of the treatment

Fact: No doubt, if you have enough water intake, the chances of urinary tract infection and stone formation are prevented. But don’t think that it helps you with your kidney disease. You have to consider consulting a medical expert to shed light on everything.


Myth 5: I am okay now, so there is no need to seek treatment

Fact: Most of the time, when individuals seek treatment, they think that after a while, they are fine. So, they try to stop the treatment in-between, which is a major mistake. So, you should never make the mistake of leaving the treatment in-between.


Are you worried about your kidney health?

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