What are the topmost common signs and symptoms of kidney failure?

common signs and symptoms of kidney failure
kidney failure

What are the topmost common signs and symptoms of kidney failure?

  • July 9, 2020


Ideally, the best treatment plan person facing the issue of kidney disease is dialysis. Given below are some of the common signs and symptoms of kidney failure:

  • Pain in the legs or back

The most typical sign of CKD is a pain in the legs and the upper back which is close to where the kidneys are situated. With time, the pain can get worse and it becomes important to consult the doctor on time.

  • Urgent need to urinate

When kidneys are affected, the person can feel an urgent need to urinate and more frequently. The person feels the need to pee in the middle of the night with increased pressure and it comes in large quantities.

  • Swelling

Due to kidney failure, fluid elimination becomes slow from the body. Excess fluid elimination will result in swelling in the legs, hands, feet, and ankles.

  • Fatigue

Healthy kidneys produce adequate amounts of the EPO hormone which commands oxygen-carrying red blood cells to make the muscles and brain strong. With the right amount of EPO, the brain and body will feel fatigued more often and you need to get sleep more than often.

  • Nausea

The presence of increased toxic waste which cannot be eliminated through blood or urination will result in nausea as well as lack of weight loss and appetite.

  • Irritated skin

Unhealthy kidneys or kidney failure are not able to flush out the waste from the body through urine effectively which can lead to the sign of excess toxicity on the skin surface. These are presented in the form of dry skin, rashes, acne, hives, irritated red skin, and severely itchy skin.

  • Metallic flavor

Patients with kidney failure will often face the issue of metallic taste (ammonia breath) due to uremia which lingers in the mouth for weeks and months before the kidney failure.

  • Anemia

People with partial to full kidney failure can develop anemia at any stage of CKD which can lead to weakness, tired muscles, and overall fatigue.

  • Confusion

Due to the lack of oxygen-carrying blood cells in the body because of kidney failure will make the person feel confused or he/she will forget many things.

  • Breath shortness

Breath shortness is the symptoms that are caused by the build-up of excess fluid and this results in tension & pressure which surrounds the lungs and anemia.

  • Seizures or coma

The person can have issues like anxiety, brain fog, and trouble concentrating that occurs due to the lack of oxygen in the brain that results from toxins build-up in the body that damage the kidneys and they are not able to filter anything. If the build-up is extreme it can cause seizures or even coma.

  • High blood potassium

The kidneys are responsible for balancing potassium intake through fluid and food with how much is lost with the urine. If the kidneys become failed or damaged, this function will be disrupted that increases the potassium level in the blood.