You will be shocked to know that Dehydration may lead to chronic kidney diseases

Dehydration may lead to chronic kidney diseases
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You will be shocked to know that Dehydration may lead to chronic kidney diseases

  • August 22, 2020


We learn in class 8 that 60-70% of our body is made up of water. We should drink 8 glasses of water every day. Today’s generation is very careless. They don’t have a fixed time to eat or drink. They eat junk foods from the market and put their lives in danger. Instead of drinking coconut water, fresh juices. They are busy drinking soft drinks. But still, people neglect this. They don’t give importance to such things and face problems in future.

They forget that balance of everything in life is very important. Food is important for our survival and so does water. Then only our body will work properly. We lose our energy if we don’t eat food properly and it is the same case with water. 

It happens due to vomiting, diarrhoea, sweating, etc. That’s why the doctor gives you oral rehydration therapy which gives your body sodium and potassium in the right amount. If you are facing such a type of problem then you can consult our Urologist In Ludhiana. They are experienced and will keep you away from any type of diseases.

People don’t take their health seriously. They are so careless towards your health. Colour of your urine says a lot. You can keep checking through your colour of urine. If it’s dark yellow. It means you need to drink water immediately as much as you can. If it’s pale yellow. It means you are drinking enough water. You will come to know whether you are facing dehydration or not. A coin has two sides so this is having advantages and disadvantages as well.

Advantages of drinking water

  • Drinking water helps remove waste from your body through urine.
  • It also keeps your blood vessels open. So that blood can move freely in your body.
  • Drink water especially in humidity. It will keep you energetic.
  • It reduces headache and migraine.
  • It helps in maximizing your physical appearance.

Disadvantages of not drinking water

  • Dehydration may lead to chronic kidney disease such as kidney stone, kidney failure, urinary tract infections, etc.
  • You will feel tired, exhausted all the time.
  • If you drink less, then your body won’t be able to remove waste from the body and it will lead to some disease.
  • It will affect your skin. Unwanted pimples will come. Your skin will not look flawless.
  • Your metabolism will work slowly. It will not work effectively.