Chronic irritation increases chances of having urethral cancer: Get Treatment

Urethral tumour, symptoms and risk factors
Urethral Cancer

Chronic irritation increases chances of having urethral cancer: Get Treatment

  • June 29, 2022


Having chronic inflammation or irritation is likely to increase the chances of having urethral cancer. The situation demands prompt medical assistance from a known Urologist in Ludhiana to improve well-being effectively. Moreover, consulting the urologist on time helps evaluate the effects on how to perform the diagnosis and what sort of Treatment works the best for your condition.

Diagnosis of Urethral Cancer

There are different procedures and tests performed to diagnose urethral cancer:

  • Physical examination

The physical examination helps analyze the signs and symptoms to better understand the problem.

If you have had chronic inflammation for a long time, schedule an initial consultation at one of the top-rated  Kidney Hospital in Ludhiana to know better what next approach will be best for you.

  • Imaging tests

The imaging tests help to better assess the extent of urethral cancer. The doctor may ask you to get a CT or MRI scan to effectively determine what’s wrong.

  • Urine tests

Urine tests look for any problem with urine samples. The urologist checks for any possible abnormal cells to see what’s wrong.

  • Ureteroscopy

The ureteroscopy uses a lighted and thin tube to see the ureters. The ureteroscopy contains a camera to view the uterus passed through the bladder. Moreover, the blood analysis and body tissues checks if there’s no presence of cancer.

During diagnosis, even the test for bladder cancer might be performed. A detailed evaluation is a possible factor in analyzing if your condition demands.

Ureteric Tumour Surgery In Ludhiana and what sort of treatment would work.

Treatment for Urethral Cancer

When the urologist determines the best possible course of action, different factors are considered. Some of the ways to determine the treatment options effective for urethral cancer are:

  • Check the size
  • Check the location of the cancer
  • How aggressive are cancer cells?
  • Patient’s personal goals

Now, talking about the treatment options. Here are the most effective ones to help your overall well-being get better:

  • Surgery

Surgery helps to remove urethral cancer depending on what’s your situation. Giving the most advanced care and using a treatment method makes the utmost difference in your condition.

  • Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy uses chemicals to kill cancer cells and helps to shrink tumors. In some cases, chemo sessions are performed as tumor will be easy to remove. The chemo sessions work effectively to control the signs and symptoms you have.

  • Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy uses the immune system so that cancer won’t keep on spreading in the body. The immunotherapy will target cancer-causing cells so they won’t attack the immune system. The work of immunotherapy is to interfere with the entire process. Sometimes, the individuals won’t respond to other treatments, but immunotherapy shows the desired effect.