Kidney Care: Is dialysis the right option for end-stage kidney disease?

Dialysis For End Stage Kidney Disease Is It Right

Kidney Care: Is dialysis the right option for end-stage kidney disease?

  • June 24, 2022


Dialysis and End-stage Kidney Disease: Is it effective?

One of our patients aged 73, got severe chronic kidney disease. The situation was so worse that when the kidneys needed to filter 25 teaspoons of blood every minute, his kidney was doing just five teaspoons. Our Urologist in Ludhiana closely watched the patient’s condition and started to begin dialysis. As the situation was extremely difficult, it’s essential to begin as promptly as possible and help the situation become manageable.

Although, the patient was in a completely different zone and did not want to get dialysis. Our Kidney Doctor in Ludhiana kept on telling the patient to get started. In case they don’t feel good, they are in a position to stop it. But does that mean anyone and everyone can undergo dialysis?

Different situations, Different approach

When someone wants to begin Kidney failure treatment in Punjab, he or she is suggested to undergo dialysis. Dialysis makes life better and healthy. No doubt, it’s also the individual’s choice of what they want.

Although, there’s another side to everything. The dialysis won’t be helpful to the patients who have other severe medical conditions like:

  • Dementia
  • Ischemic heart disease

Along with these conditions, if someone has end-stage kidney disease, then it’s more problematic. That’s not all. The patient’s overall quality of life gets down, which means they will not feel themself. The need to undergo dialysis treatment includes all different factors, and only your doctor is the one who can enlighten effectively about everything.

Additionally, age can result in more problems than you can think of. With age, the body won’t function like normal. Getting diagnosed with end-stage kidney disease leads to difficulty. Someone getting dialysis at the age of 75 to 80 already feels weak, draining the body even more after getting dialysis. The individual can experience:

  • Cramping
  • Lightheadedness

And many other severe symptoms can occur. As the end-stage kidney disease already makes the body suffer. There are higher chances of getting hospitalization.

Management of end-stage kidney disease symptoms

If someone doesn’t want to get dialysis, there’s the option of conservative management. Conservative management works best instead of dialysis. The treatment aims to manage the symptoms and stop the progression of kidney failure. The main aim is to make the overall quality of life better. It’s all about arranging everything that helps the patient live their life. No doubt, the end decision is of the patient, and the medical expert’s presence allows them to choose the most fruitful option.

Do you have any doubts?

No matter what doubt you have on your mind, make sure to discuss the same with the Aastha Kidney And Super Specialty Hospital’s doctors and accordingly proceed further with the best possible treatment.