Enlarged Prostate and the benefits of getting it diagnosed at an early stage

Enlarged Prostate and the benefits of getting it diagnosed at an early stage
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Enlarged Prostate and the benefits of getting it diagnosed at an early stage

  • March 11, 2021


As we all know that the problem of the enlarged prostate is experienced by all the men who have approached their 50s and 60s years of ages. If the prostate is enlarged then it is the indication that the individual is afflicted with Benign prostatic hyperplasia. If you are thinking that this condition is cancerous, then it is suitable to mention here that not all the enlargement of the prostate are associated with tumours and malignancies but yes those conditions are particularly bothersome. If you want to get rid of the botheration, then you are advised to deliberate with a urologist in Ludhiana. If your enlargement is accompanied by stones in their kidneys, then kidney stone treatment in Amritsar and other areas of Punjab are available.

  • When should you see the expert doctors of the Aastha Kidney & Super Speciality Hospital?

The very first symptom which every individual who is suffering from the problem of the enlarged prostate encounters is the problem whilst urinating. So it is a significant time when you should consider seeing a urologist.

  • What effect will it cause, if early action is taken in this regard?

If early action is taken in this regard then it would prevent you from the embarrassment which you are sure to encounter if you do not take any serious action. You will get to encounter the conditions in which you feel the urgency to urinate frequently.

  • What would happen if you visit a urologist at the early stage of prostate enlargement?

If you visit a urologist at the early stage then he would initially diagnose what is the intensity of the enlargement and afterwards, he will take into account the suitable measure which can be used to prevent the further aggravation of the ailment.

  • What would the problem of LUTS signify?

Lower urinary tract symptoms are accountable for the variegated ailments of the prostate. Sometimes because of this, the tumour in the prostate has come to its origin.

  • What are the crucial advantages of visiting the urologist as soon as the symptoms come to origin?

There are many benefits of visiting a urologist early but the predominant of them are mentioned below:

  • First of all. It will help to detect if there is any growth of the cancerous cells. If the cancer is something that is bothering you then having diagnosed it early would prevent the aggravation of the cancer stages.
  • The immensely disturbing changes in the lifestyle can be curbed. As we know how time-consuming it is to go to the washroom again and again.
  • It is an obvious benefit that if the disease is diagnosed at an early stage then a less invasive method of treatment will be used.


If you are the one who is feeling that he might be afflicted with the problem of an enlarged prostate. Then at Aastha Kidney & Super Speciality Hospital, we have a super special team of experts who are passionate about revitalising the health among the patients with the use of less-invasive techniques.