Erectile Dysfunction: Myths And Facts

What are the top myths and facts which revolve around Erectile Dysfunction
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Erectile Dysfunction: Myths And Facts

  • July 24, 2020



Erectile Dysfunction: Also known as ED can come at any age and many men tend to feel inadequate about the issue. This leads to feelings of frustration and self-confidence is affected. This is common for men with the condition with anxiety and depression and this can make their relationship also suffer. The ideal choice is to consult the best urologists in Ludhiana for the best treatment plan.

Erectile Dysfunction: Myths And Facts

Myth: It comes with old age and there is no solution for it

Fact: ED is more common in older men but this condition can be treated successfully at any age. Men can enjoy a satisfying sex life at an advanced age.


Myth: ED won’t affect younger men

Fact: Younger men can do and experience erectile dysfunction. However, 40 percent of men over 40 have had some experience with ED, and men under 40 can also undergo the treatment.


Myth: ED does not mean you have health issues

Fact: Erectile dysfunction is a symptom of diabetes along with the cardiovascular disease. If you face trouble getting and maintaining an erection at any age you need to make an appointment to get it checked out. This is just an appointment to figure out the ED cause and give reliable treatment for it.


Myth: ED means you have lost the love feeling

Fact: ED problems are not always related to the libido or reaction to any one person. ED issues can be due to the medications you take or overindulging in alcohol. An erection will not be possible if you smoke, have heart disease, depression, anxiety, and even some disease. You need to make an appointment to find out the exact cause of your ED.


Myth: ED is treated with medications

Fact: Depending on the ED cause, it can be treatable with lifestyle changes, change in medications. In some cases, you are taking something which can result in side effects. If you have depression and anxiety. Certain devices can aid in getting and maintaining an erection.


Myth: Herbal remedies work just as well as any other medications

Fact: In fact, herbal remedies can do more harm than good, especially if your ED is because of a medical issue. Herbal supplements are not strictly regulated by the Food and Drug Administration and this may result in adverse and even life-threatening side effects. So, it is essential to schedule your appointment with the urologist and get a detailed understanding of what works well for your condition.

Don’t wait to get the treatment because this can make the condition worse. You should get in touch with the doctor right away and get a detailed diagnosis. With the customized treatment plan your chances to have better results increases and you can live your normal life with ease. For more information, book your appointment today only or visit our hospital.