Everything you need to know about dialysis treatment for kidney failure

Everything you need to know about dialysis treatment for kidney failure

Everything you need to know about dialysis treatment for kidney failure

  • May 3, 2021


What is Kidney Failure?

Kidney failure cannot one in just one day. There are early stages of kidney disease and very few symptoms, which are seen at a later stage. If you keep on neglecting your kidney health, then ultimately you need to have an emergency visit at the best Kidney Hospital in Punjab. You must visit your Urologist In Ludhiana from time to time to keep a check on your urological health.

High blood pressure and diabetes are the most common reasons for kidney failure. In addition:

  • 85% to 90% of kidney function is gone
  • Kidneys don’t work well enough to keep you alive
  • GFR falls below 15

Although there is no cure for kidney failure, with treatment the effect of symptoms is reduced and you will be able to live a better life.  

Treatments for Kidney Failure

  • Kidney Transplantation

During a kidney transplant, the healthy kidney is placed in the body. It can be a living donor or a dead person’s kidney. Right after the treatment, the kidney will start functioning.

  • Hemodialysis (HD)

HD treatment takes away the waste and excess fluid from the blood. It can be done at a hospital or home. During HD, the blood is taken out through the soft tubes which go to the dialysis machine which is attached with a filter named ‘Dialyzer’. At any given time, only a small amount of blood is taken out. At a hospital, you need to get it 3 times a week for 3 to 5 hours. Whereas at home, it is up to you how often you need to get it. If you are doing it every day, then it should be done for 1½ to 2 hours

  • Peritoneal Dialysis

PD is referred to as home-based treatment which can be even when you are asleep. Although, it needs to be done every day. Before that, you get the minor procedure to place a catheter in the belly

How to choose between which type of dialysis to get?

Well! It is important to discuss with your doctor what you should do. Each one of them comes with its benefits and disadvantages., so it is better to take advice from your kidney doctor.

How to take self-care?

Good self-management will help you live longer and here are few things which you need to do:

  • Getting enough dialysis
  • Proper management of hemodialysis access or peritoneal catheter
  • Following the medical plan to prevent the chances of heart and blood vessel problems, poor nutrition, high blood pressure, anemia, and bone problems.
  • Adopt healthy lifestyle behaviors like not smoking, eating right, and getting enough exercise.

Getting Enough Dialysis

For the betterment of your health, it is important to get dialysis on time. If you get it enough, it improves kidney health. Discuss with your healthcare professional and he can tell you for how long you need to get it. Some of the factors are:

  • How well do your kidneys work?
  • How much fluid weight you gain between treatments
  • How much waste do you have in your body?
  • Bodyweight