Everything you should know about the problem of erectile dysfunctioning

Everything you should know about the problem of erectile dysfunctioning

Everything you should know about the problem of erectile dysfunctioning

  • March 30, 2021


Dharmendra, one of our patients who approached us because only 2 days were left for his marriage and he was not able to wake his penis up. He was very worried because his fiancee was very excited about the first night. We assured him that all will be okay and he will be able to give a 100% performance on his wedding night. The doctors of Aastha kidney and Super Speciality hospital found out that the reason behind Dharmendra was not being able to excite his penis was the stress for the performance. According to the urologist in Ludhiana, both males and females should know about the facts about erectile dysfunctioning.

  • Males do not go to the urologists

The males who are suffering from erectile dysfunction customarily do not visit the doctor because of either embarrassment or shyness to discuss. It is relevant to mention here that if you are not feeling comfortable discussing the penis problem with the opposite gender, then you should consider consulting a doctor of the same sex.

  • Chill Bro! It’s Common

The problem of erectile dysfunction is much more common than you think. Half of the male population of the world suffers from this problem and most of them get it corrected by consulting with the urologist on time.

  • Don’t be stressed

It is found out that the males are often stressed about their performance and even the size of the penis. But the size of the penis among all males is not uniform, so that should not be a matter of concern for you. As long as performance is concerned, it is based on the level of your enjoyment, if you try to experience pleasure, then it will satisfy you and your partner.

  • Practice Kegels

Kegel is a form of reproductive exercise which is customarily recommended to women. But the male stress with erectile dysfunctioning is also suggested to practice so. This exercise can be defined as obstructing the flow of urine intentionally by contracting and relaxing the muscles. This exercise is deemed to be the one that can change the sex life of the couples.

  • Foreplay

Many couples do not recognize the value of foreplay. But it is more of a matter of concern for the excitement of your penis than the pleasure. So the next time you want to spend quality time with your partner, try to practice foreplay.

  • Do not take unprescribed medications

Are you habitual of taking pain relievers or any of the medications that claim to make you get rid of erectile dysfunctioning? If that is so, then give all those up before it causes significant harm to your reproductive system.

  • Heart health is important

For a healthy sex life, you need to have a healthy heart and stop doing all those activities which are contrary to heart health like the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes.


If you feel pain of any intensity when you are urinating then it may be a symptom that any UTI is infecting your body which in turn will read to erectile dysfunctioning.