Learn Some Facts About Prostate Cancer And Its Robotic Surgery

Prostate Cancer

Learn Some Facts About Prostate Cancer And Its Robotic Surgery

  • September 7, 2022


You might have heard about prostate Cancer. Well, to be honest, in most cases. Men do not opt for prostate removal as the cancer is mostly slow-growing, and the Urologist in Ludhiana can manage it with a non-surgical procedure.

However, if cancer has grown beyond the prostate, we highly recommend you undergo Prostate surgery in Punjab. Medically the experts also call it prostatectomy.

Some Facts About Prostate Surgery

These are some hard-hitting facts about prostate surgery that you should know about.

  1. For many patients undergoing prostate surgery is quite concerning for obvious reasons.
  2. The patient might be scared about how the doctor might perform their surgery because of the location of the prostate gland.
  3. There might be a lot of confusion and doubts regarding the pain and side effects regarding the sexual life and the ability to urine after the surgery.

But do not worry, there is good news for you. With today’s technological advancement, you will see minimally invasive prostate removal surgery. This procedure is also known as Robotically Assisted Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy (RALP).

What Is RALP?

The professional uses RALP the most as a method for prostate treatment. It is a da Vinci robotic system that allows surgeons to use one or more small incisions. The incision is around a one-half inch in length for your surgery. In order to operate the whole procedure with accuracy, the surgeons use a high- magnification 3D camera system.

What Are The Advantages Of RALP Over Traditional Surgery?

These are some of the most common benefits of using RALP as a prostate surgery over the traditional method. Adoption is the key to successful treatment. So make sure the hospital has all the new technology to provide better treatment.

  1. It creates small incisions during the surgery.
  2. It allows less blood loss compared to traditional surgeries.
  3. It causes less pain than open incision surgery.
  4. There is less risk of infection over other kinds of surgery
  5. It allows you to have earl;y discharge because of a shorter stay in the hospital.
  6. There is a faster recovery at home.

With the help of a magnification system, your surgeon would be able to have a clear and better view of the tiny blood vessels, muscles, and nerves surrounding the prostate. It also helps minimize the side effects you might encounter after the surgery.

You should remember that not every man who requires prostate removal surgery would be the right candidate for robotic surgery. Each case of prostate cancer is unique and needs a different surgical method based on the patient’s requirements and problem. The doctor could either select traditional open surgery or radical perineal prostatectomy.

What Are The Major Side Effects Of Prostate Cancer?

Did you know that the surgery on the prostate removes your entire prostate gland and eliminates some tissues surrounding the prostate, including the seminal vesicles? This is the gland that generates a fluid that has semen in them. Apart from that, the doctor also removes some pelvic lymph nodes.

The two potential side-effects of prostate removal are:

  1. Urinary incompetence
  2. Erectile dysfunction (ED)

Final Comments

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