How are gallstones formed? How should we prevent them from forming?

How are gallstones formed How should we prevent them from forming

How are gallstones formed? How should we prevent them from forming?

  • May 24, 2021


The gallstones are the solidified deposits of the fluid that gets generated in the gallbladder. You may notice the slight symptoms when the stones remain in the gallbladder. No sooner than the stones get slipped or transferred to the bile duct, then your health condition may get considerably deteriorated since you may get afflicted with jaundice.

So in today’s blog, we shall be knowing all the aspects of the gallstones

How many types of gallstones are there?

Gallstones are of the following types:

  • Cholesterol stones

These are the most commonly found stones among individuals. These are yellow-green.

  • Pigment stones

The pigment stones are caused by the fluid or the liquid that is produced in the bile. These stones are usually of a dark colour.

What are the causes of gallstones?

Following are the predominant causes of the formation of the gallstones:

  • Unempty bladder

If after urinating, you still feel that some urine is still left in the bladder, then it is the condition that we call the non-emptying bladder. Such kinds of liquid take the shape of stones once they have acquired the solidified nature.

  • Cholesterol

When the liver starts generating the cholesterol in bulk which cannot be wholly dissolved by the bile, then the crystals of such cholesterol levels come into existence. Those crystals eventually come to be known as gallstones.

  • Plenty of bilirubin

Bilirubin is important for the fragmentation of the red blood cells. If you are having the problem of either liver cirrhosis or biliary tract infections, then the excessive production of bilirubin leads you to the formation of gallstones.

When should you consider visiting the gastroenterologist?

If you are facing any of the below-mentioned symptoms, then you should consider visiting the gastroenterologist:

  • Sudden Pain in the variegated regions of the abdomen
  • Severe pain in the back and the shoulders
  • Nauseous feeling followed by the vomitings
  • Getting encounter with the high fever that makes you intolerant to the low temperature
  • The skin and the eyes may come out to be yellow

How to avoid the encounter of the gallstones?

We can contribute to preventing the formation of the gallstones by following the subsequent measures:

  • Intake the fibre-rich food

If the individual inculcates the habit of eating something healthy and nutritious, then no problem regarding stones may ever come to origin in any of the parts of the body.

  • Obesity

Try to maintain the ideal weight. The sudden fluctuations in the weight are not at all suggestive.

  • Try to incorporate healthy fats into your lifestyle

The incorporation of healthy fats is also good to prevent gallstones. You can find the benefits of such days in the following food items:

  • Olive Oil
  • Canola Oil
  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Exercise

Doing regular exercise helps to keep all the organs of the body functioning in a good way. If you keep your body inactive for a prolonged time, then the chances of gallstone formation may escalate.

  • Drink Plenty of the water

Make sure you are drinking water in abundance. Keeping your body hydrated is the necessary condition for stopping the formation of gallstones.

  • Do not eat the fried food

You should not eat fried food regularly. As it will make your cholesterol levels rise high which in turn will bother you with the formation of gallstones. So it is advised that fried food should be avoided. You can eat it occasionally but make sure you are doing enough workout to make the food get digested in the required way.

Bottom Line

Please consider consulting the professional doctors of our hospital if you are bothered with the gallstones. We promise you to provide cost-effective and speedy-recovery-oriented treatment.