How are diabetes and kidney diabetes related to each other? Learn more

What are the topmost ways to prevent diabetic kidney disease
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How are diabetes and kidney diabetes related to each other? Learn more

  • July 8, 2022


Did you know that more than 76 million Indians have diabetes? Well, that means at least one out of six people with diabetes in the world is in India. I mean, it is a clear alarming situation for the nation. Although, it is more startling to see that the complication of diabetes can lead to some other severe health conditions, including diabetic kidney disease.

DKD or diabetic kidney disease, or diabetic nephropathy, impacts at least more than 25% of people who have diabetes. Despite having such a high number, people do not really talk about the relationship between diabetes and kidney disease. In a Kidney Hospital, you can consult with a doctor and learn all about this in more detail.

What is kidney diabetic disease?

Before we begin to understand the relationship between diabetes and kidney disease, let us learn more about the condition individually.


Diabetes is a chronic health condition in which the blood sugar levels in your body increase high. The reason behind that is your body is incapable of making or using insulin (which is the chemical responsible for turning sugar into energy) in an ideal way. There are many two types of diabetes:

  1. Type 1
  2. Type 2

Kidney disease

On the other hand, kidney disease is the inability of the kidney to function smoothly. Kidneys are technically responsible for filtering the waste and also extra fruits out of your blood. When that does not happen, The waste builds up inside your body which leads to kidney damage. Visit a urologist near DMC Ludhiana and treat the problem immediately.

Diabetic nephropathy

It is one of the top kidney disease complications of diabetes. In this condition, you will notice a loss of kidney function that diabetes causes. In more simple words, diabetic nephropathy is a kidney disease that results from diabetes. You can suffer from this in both diabetic conditions, type one and type two.

What are the diabetic kidney disease symptoms?

Over the course of time, this element develops gradually. That is why it is possible to overlook diabetic kidney disease symptoms in its initial stage. This is why it is essential to learn and track the indications that may suggest diabetic kidney disease.

Some of the common diabetic kidney disease symptoms are:

  1. Worsening blood pressure control
  2. Presence of protein in the urine
  3. Swollen feet, ankles, hands, or eyes
  4. Increase in the urge to urinate
  5. Decrease in the need for insulin or diabetes medicine
  6. Loss of appetite
  7. Difficulty concentrating
  8. Persistent itching
  9. Nausea and vomiting
  10. Fatigue
  11. Shortness of breath

The doctor can detect diabetic kidney disease symptoms early on with the help of routine screening and checkups. In case you are suffering from type one and type two diabetes, make sure to visit the urologist in Ludhiana regularly.

What are the diabetic kidney disease stages?

Stage 1: Normal kidney function

Stage 2: Mild loss of kidney function

Stage 3: Mild to severe loss of kidney function

Stage 4: Severe loss of kidney function

Stage 5: Kidney failure