How can wearing the absorbents be embarrassing? How to tackle it?

How can wearing the absorbents be embarrassing How to tackle it

How can wearing the absorbents be embarrassing? How to tackle it?

  • June 4, 2021


When the individuals are bothered with the incontinence and the bladder leakage issues then they start to become extremely self-conscious since they have to wear the continence care supplies. The men and women will always be trying to hide the products under their clothing. Because of this, they will find it difficult to concentrate on their meetings.

The girls are usually aware of the ways to make it look normal when they are using a sanitary pad or napkin. But still here are some ways which can help you to look extremely normal in public when you have worn an absorbent.

  • Choose the right size

If we do not choose the right size for the absorbent, then we are sure to be uncomfortable in public. So it is relevant to suggest you hear that you must use the right size for your absorbent. What happens if you do not choose the right size:

If you have chosen the absorbent which has very loose openings, then these can surely lead to the overflow which may certainly be leading to the leakage.

If you are choosing the openings which are too tight, then they can surely cause you discomfort and you may somehow be willing to get rid of the irritation by switching to some extremely weird positions.

  • Choose the good product

Make sure you are choosing the right product. There are so many types of incontinence products. But you should only be choosing the one which fits best according to your needs and specifications.

For example: For moderate absorbency qualities, you should switch to protective underwear. While diapers are used for absorbing the huge leakage.

So based on your incontinence intensity, choose the right type.

  • Loose fitting clothes should be tried

When you are wearing the absorbents, then make sure you are wearing something which is loose and does not cause you irritation. For example, You can consider wearing skirts (short or long as per your requirement), tunic and sweatpants.

  • Establish a friend zone with High Waisted Jeans

Wearing high waisted jeans will save you from the embarrassment which will be caused by the muffled sound of the diapers and the undergarments. Also, the biggest benefit of wearing these jeans is that they do not let the displacement of absorbents.

  • Double security

The double layering of the undergarments can save you. After wearing the protective undergarment, make sure you are wearing boxers or regular underwear over them.

  • Darks can save you

If you wear dark clothing you can get yourself saved from the embarrassment caused by the stains.

Important information

During the daytime, you can consider using adsorbents that can absorb a moderate amount of leakage. The heavy leakage we experienced during the night time.

Bottom Line

By taking all the considerations into account, you can surely get rid of the embarrassment caused by the discomfort of wearing those absorbents. If you have any other query or problem, then you can book a consultation with us. Our reputed doctors will help you to guide you through the matter.