How does drinking alcohol affect the functioning of kidneys and the entire body?

How does drinking alcohol affect the functioning of kidneys and the entire body
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How does drinking alcohol affect the functioning of kidneys and the entire body?

  • August 6, 2020



Alcohol consumption affects different parts of the body which includes the kidneys. Having little alcohol like one or 2 drinks can result in serious effects on the body. However, excessive drinking which means more than 4 drinks per day will affect kidney disease and it can result in chronic conditions.

When experts talk about one drink it means they want to have a 12-ounce bottle of beer which means a glass of wine or one ounce of hard liquor. If you are having kidney disease or a problem with its function then you need to consult the best urologist in Ludhiana.


Study of alcohol consumption

One of the studies has shown that adults drink alcohol in excess and that some of the regular drinkers have 5 drinks at one time. Binge drinking can result in harmful effects on the kidney which can even result in acute kidney failure. The problem can go away after a long time but it can lead to long-lasting kidney damage.

Even if you are not drinking regularly, still your kidneys can get affected or damaged. The damage occurs slowly. Studies have shown that regular drinking on a heavy basis is known to double the risk of chronic kidney disease which does not go away with time.


Increased chances of developing CKD

Smokers who drink in excess have around 5 times of increased chances of developing CKD as compared to people who do not smoke or drink alcohol.

Some people should not drink at all. You need to consult your doctor, especially if you are taking the medications which can affect the results of using alcohol. Women and older people need to be extremely careful and if you are pregnant then you need to avoid the consumption of alcohol.


Kidney filters harmful substance

  • Kidneys play a vital role in filtering harmful substances and one of them in alcohol. People who drink alcohol in excess, their kidneys need to work harder. The functioning of the kidney changes with alcohol and they do not fill the blood in the right way.
  • Additionally, its consumption can also affect the regulation of fluid and electrolytes. Hormone production can also be impacted.
  • Excess alcohol can affect blood pressure that means it can rise. The main cause of kidney disease is blood pressure. If a person drinks in excess then it can result in developing signs of kidney disease.

The blood rate flow is kept to the kidneys at a certain level so that the kidneys can filter the way it needs to. The liver disease impairs the natural balancing act with alcohol consumption.