Take charge of your kidney health: How to keep kidneys healthy?

What are the foremost tips to avoid kidney damage for better health
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Take charge of your kidney health: How to keep kidneys healthy?

  • August 17, 2022


Health and Wellness: Cornerstone of healthy living

In collaboration with the clinical team, medical science emphasizes the practices committed to the proper care and approach. Indeed! When the overall health is exceptional, there’s ease to carry out daily life like usual. The blog emphasizes Kidney health and how essential it is to stay committed to the right kind of kidney care. Therefore, if you suspect anything wrong at any point, consult a well-known Kidney specialist In Punjab to address the concern correctly.

Important factors to consider for kidney care awareness and preventive measures

Most importantly, it’s about the proper support and following preventive measures, be it kidney transplantation or chronic kidney disease. That’s not all, the patients with high BP and diabetes should be mindful of their overall well-being. When you visit the Urology Hospital in Ludhiana on time, the doctor will help you stay aware and tell you the necessary preventive measures to promote your wellness and good health.

Kidney care doctor’s guide

Kidneys perform essential functions: Filter waste products, impurities, and excess water from the blood. They regulate potassium, salt, and pH salt in the body. Some of its other necessary functions are:

     Hormone production to control BP

     Control red blood cells production

Being HEALTHY and CAREFUL is the crux of good health. When you consult the kidney doctor on time, he can guide you about if there’s something that’s not right and suggest the necessary screening program. When the kidney disease problem is known on time, it’s easier to take a QUICK reaction.

How do keep kidneys healthy?

Tip 1: Stay healthy and fit

You need to exercise regularly and follow a healthy diet plan. Doing so reduces the risk of chronic kidney disease. Moreover, it helps to regulate blood pressure. So, it’s about following healthy habits.

Tip 2: Control blood sugar level

You have to control your blood sugar level and BP. Because if the kidneys don’t work correctly, the entire health get’s affected and increases chances of other health concerns. Moreover, over time there’s a risk of chronic kidney damage. You need to be proactive towards to limit chances of adverse affect. Additionally, talk to the doctor about the necessary changes for better management.

Tip 3: Increase fluid intake

Increase the fluid intake, to eliminate the toxins and sodium from the kidney. Moreover, enough fluid intake is vital to reducing the risk of chronic kidney disease.

Tip 4: Don’t live a sedentary lifestyle

Don’t get involved in sedentary lifestyle habits like smoking, drinking, and poor diet. Doing so reduces the chances of kidney problems and cancer, blood pressure, and other chronic ailments.

Tip 5: Consult the kidney doctor

Most importantly and the wise choice. Get on time and regular kidney health checkups to notice if there’s anything wrong, then take necessary action on time.

Suitable care and treatment on time

If you suspect having kidney problems or a family history of kidney disease, then take prompt action.