Are you drinking enough water? Can dehydration affect your kidneys?

Dehydration may lead to chronic kidney diseases
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Are you drinking enough water? Can dehydration affect your kidneys?

  • February 22, 2022


Can dehydration affect the kidneys?

Has this question ever popped up in your head? If not, then it’s time that you focus upon the same. Because the answer to the same is YES. In case you are already diagnosed with a kidney problem. You have to seek medical assistance from one of the best Kidney Hospital at the earliest to manage the entire situation effectively.

Around 70% of the body weight includes just the water. And H20 is something that every part of the body needs to function accurately. Dehydration happens when your body has enough water. As it can lead to water loss which will show symptoms like:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Sweating
  • Extra losses in the urine
  • Diabetic level not under the control

You must consult one of the best Urologist in Ludhiana to know the right way to manage the situation.

Water and its importance for the kidney health

Water plays an essential part as it helps remove the waste from the blood, i.e., the urine. That’s not all, an adequate amount of water intake allows the blood vessels to open & it will get the necessary amount of nutrients that the kidney needs the most. In case dehydration happens, then the entire system will not work effectively. here’s what might happen in different cases:

  • Mild Dehydration

You will feel extra tired & the normal body function is affected.

  • Severe dehydration

It leads to increased chances of kidney damage.

The critical factor is to ensure your body gets enough water no matter the situation. If the dehydration is way more, then the chances of permanent kidney damage increase.

Dehydration increases the chances of waste build-up

When you have water intake, the waste products get out from the body and all the unwanted acids. But, with less water intake, the waste products and acids will stay in the body. It might reach the situation that the kidney gets clogged with the unwanted muscle protein. That’s not just the only concern.

One of the studies has shown that dehydration can even increase the chances of stone-forming crystals occurring in the kidney. Apart from that, when you have the right amount of water intake, having a urinary tract infection gets less as all the unnecessary germs are easier to be flushed out from the body.

Proper hydration is the key to taking care of your kidney health

Your kidneys need the right amount of hydration to work effectively in all ways. One self-test you can do to check your kidney health is looking at the urine.

  • The very dark yellow color of urine

Increase the water intake

  • Always very dark urine color

Seek medical assistance on the prompt basis

In some cases, it’s possible that if you are taking a particular medication for a health issue, it might even make the urine color more yellow than expected.

Have the right amount of water intake to boost kidney health

There is no specific amount set as to how much water you have to drink daily. Depending on your overall health or how you live your life, the water intake will vary greatly. Schedule your initial consultation at Aastha Kidney And Super specialty Hospital to take care of your kidney health.