Kidney care: Should patients with chronic kidney disease eat mango?

Is Mango Intake Good For Kidney Patients
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Kidney care: Should patients with chronic kidney disease eat mango?

  • April 27, 2022


Who cannot wait to eat ‘Mango’ this summer season?

Mango is the king of fruits in summers. But do you think everybody there relishes it the same way you do? Here I am talking about the patients diagnosed with kidney disease and wondering whether it’s all good to have mangoes during summers. Mango is not just like in terms of fruit, but there are other partitions like pickles, sweet dishes, juice, Kesar & Badami, and much more. To get familiar with what’s right for your kidney health and not, you should visit one of the best Kidney Hospital to take the best care of yourself and get surety over what kind of diet plan is suitable for your kidney health.

Is raw mango good for patients diagnosed with kidney disease?

Raw mangoes taste slightly stronger as compared to ripe mangoes. Moreover, it’s filled with various antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that help the body get everything. Moreover, it aids in fighting well-against anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial diseases.

In simple terms, CKD patients should not have the same as it affects kidney health to a great extent. When you consult the  Urologist in Ludhiana, you will get a fair understanding of what’s suitable for your overall kidney health and not. As with every mango, the nutrient level varies greatly, so the medical expert can familiarize you with what’s appropriate and what’s not.

Can kidney stone patients have mango?

Mangoes have the right amount of citrate, which helps to prevent the occurrence of kidney stones. That’s not all chemical formulation that triggers the condition is prevented. It won’t create any problem but make sure that you don’t have the same in excess. Having everything in the desired amount is imperative.

Can CKD patients have ripe mango?

Ripe mangoes have an abundance of carbohydrates, allowing everything to be at the right level. It’s imperative not to have anything that makes the blood glucose level spike. Intake of excess sodium, potassium, and phosphorus needs to be limited to ensure there won’t be any issue. If you already have kidney stones, it’s better to avoid their intake; otherwise, there will be further damage.

What precautions should kidney patients take while having mango?

Mango contains an excess amount of sugar, and there’s fructose. So, for kidney patients, excess mango intake is not right as it increases the risk of diabetes. Not just raw mango, even processed ones affect the body.

Final verdict!

Mango intake goes both ways for kidney patients. The properties of nutrients present to make a difference in kidney health. But excess of it is problematic for kidneys. Therefore, you must get the green signal for your health care provider to understand better what’s right for your kidney health and what’s not, for further information schedule initial consultation at Aastha Kidney And Super-specialty Hospital.