Kidney disease and Protein metabolism in the body

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Kidney disease and Protein metabolism in the body

  • May 18, 2023


Chronic disease is defined by the decreased excretory working of the kidney, because of which unexpected toxins get collected in the body. All of these toxins can cause metabolic abnormalities in the body. As more and more toxins get collected, patients will have uremic syndrome, characterized by weight loss,  fatigue, and weakness. 

The breakdown of proteins and amino acids produces uremic toxins, which accumulate in kidney failure. The uremic toxins in our bodies can cause inflammation, heart disease, and kidney disease, as defined by the best kidney doctors in Ludhiana.

In the human body, muscles store protein and amino acids. In normal adults, roughly 3% to 5% of body proteins are split down and produced daily. In chronic kidney disease patients, there is an imbalance between protein-making and breakdown in the body, which leads to power loss. As a result of high protein intake, the kidneys are packed, resulting in gradual kidney damage.

Dialysis-free CKD patients

Take medications

Acids are made, and protein breakdown occurs in the body. Normal conditions will result in the excretion of this acid through the urine. Those with Kidney Disease can have acid in their blood, which can harm their bones, weaken them, and excite muscle breakdown. Using the amount of protein consumed in the food, you can decline the amount of acid produced in your body.

Eat less packed food.

There is no doubt that phosphate collects in patients suffering from Kidney Disease and is more toxic to the body at a higher level. You can easily find phosphate in high quality in protein sources such as meat, beans, nut and dairy products, and packed food. High phosphorus levels can increase kidney disease and the medication’s positive effect. Moreover, it can lead to the blockage of blood vessels, which will immediately lead to brain stroke and heart disease.

CKD patients needing dialysis

During dialysis on patients, protein-energy wasting is very common. It also increases the risk of death among the patient. The hemodialysis method can trigger the breakdown and decline of protein stores in the body. Patients on dialysis need extra nutritional supplements to keep their muscle protein levels up. More than 1.2g of protein per kg body weight is recommended in dialysis patients. Protein restriction isn’t recommended for patients who aren’t on dialysis.

Final words

This blog explains the links between kidney diseases and protein. It is best to reach the best kidney doctor, Ludhiana, at Aastha Hospital. The doctors will aid you from the start to the end of your medical procedure.