Kidney health: How to take care of a child who has only one kidney?

kidney health

Kidney health: How to take care of a child who has only one kidney?

  • August 5, 2021


All thanks to our Dr. Sanjeev Gupta the best Urologist in Ludhiana for always addressing the patient’s needs and making sure their doubts are cleared right away. In this writing, we are going to share the information he gave about, ‘What happens when your child has one kidney?’
Let me tell you that 1 in 1000 are born with 2 kidneys but only one world the way it should. In case, you have been told that your baby has just one kidney then read this blog carefully. In case, you are not able to manage the situation, then you should book your immediate consultation. Before we dive into the precautions, let us tell you whether one kidney can do the work for 2.

Can one kidney perform the functioning of both kidneys?


Kidneys are amazing organs and they are in the shape of a bean. Some of their main roles are:

  • Filter blood and make urine
  • Helps in controlling blood pressure
  • Maintain the Blood’s PH level
  • Helps to make Vitamin D
  • Helps in the production of red blood cells

Even one kidney can perform the function. Just make sure that you stay in touch with your urologist all the time to have a close look at your child’s health. In addition, do not try to put pressure on your kid for different things and let them enjoy their childhood.

Let them enjoy the sports

Well! Children with one kidney can take part in almost all the possible sports. But, the problem can arrive if they want to play football as it increases the risk of kidney injury. In addition, martial arts is also not the ideal choice. Your child can take part in sports like:

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Hockey

It is better to talk to the doctor about what they can do and what they need to avoid.

Keep a close check on bladder infection

It is important the bladder infection is checked on time and treated without any delay. Its prevalence is more common in girls as compared to boys. So, even if your child gets a fever in the morning then make sure to call the doctor right away. Waiting for even some time is not suggested in this condition.

Make sure to visit for check ups daily

The doctor will suggest a few simple checkups so make sure that you get them on time. Do not miss out on any appointments. Some of the tests which the doctor can suggest are ultrasound, blood test, blood pressure check, and urine test. The test results will make sure that your child’s kidney health is in the right state.

Schedule the appointment on time

Make sure to talk to the doctor about any concerns you have or any questions regarding any treatment/medication. With good care and all the necessary precautions suggested by the doctor, your child can live a healthy life. If you have any doubt, then book your child’s consultation with the doctor at the earliest.