Know About Our High Power Holmium Laser For the Management of Enlarged Prostate

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Know About Our High Power Holmium Laser For the Management of Enlarged Prostate

  • April 21, 2023


Health problems in relation to enlargement of the prostate gland have always been common and have stayed around us for uncountable years. Enlarged prostate pops up with easy-to-see symptoms that require immediate attention. However, people are often found ignoring these symptoms, thus making situations worse. 

In situations like these, high-power holmium laser surgery comes in handy and is highly effective in the management of prostate enlargement. For those not aware of its benefits, we have rounded up the most attractive ones out of all. 

  • Less bleeding

Less bleeding is always known to be a beneficial aspect of every surgical operation as it does not put the patient under stress. With less bleeding comes lesser recovery time, thus making it easy for the patients to recover early. 

  • Better urinary flow

Enlarged prostate is known to create challenges with the urinary flow, thus bringing patients unease. However, with high-power holmium laser surgery, you will experience better urinary flow as compared to other surgical procedures for treating prostate enlargement. This benefit of the holmium laser surgery makes it far superior to other available methods for managing prostate enlargement.

  • Minimal chances of recurrence

In most surgeries fit for prostate enlargement, the chances for recurrence are fairly high, thus making it challenging for patients to trust them. However, there is no such thing with holmium laser surgery as there are minimal chances of recurrence, and the patient need not undergo the same surgery in the future. This saves both time and money for the patients, thus making this a suitable option. Out of all options, this surgery also provides durable results and needs not be taken a lot of care in the future.

  • Fit for critically ill patients.

Critically ill patients are often regarded as not being fit to undergo major surgery. However, there is no such thing as laser holmium surgery, as it can provide positive results even in the worst cases. People with the worst medical conditions can also undergo surgery and reap positive results.

Final Words

Kidney failure is a common issue in humans and can be managed in several ways. However, one is to make a wise choice out of all available options and get hands on the most reliable one like high power holmium laser surgery, and that too under the best doctor for HOLEP surgery in Ludhiana.