Kidney Care: Which are the latest options for kidney stone problems?

What are the best and latest treatment options for kidney stone patients
kidney stone

Kidney Care: Which are the latest options for kidney stone problems?

  • May 26, 2022


Kidney care: Deserves utmost attention

Kidney stone is one of the common problems faced by individuals. You all have to consult one of the Best urologist in Punjab to seek the most effective kidney treatment plan for yourself. One crucial factor is that advanced treatment approaches have made it easier for patients to get inventive and modern care. And that is essential to give the patients the most effective care and make a difference in their present state. The important part is to ensure patients get the care based on advanced technology, increased success rate, and the latest methods.

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Latest and modern kidney stone treatment

Kidney Stone Treatment 1: High-powered and precise laser for stone removal

Does your condition demand to seek Kidney stone surgery treatment in Punjab? Then initially, talk to the doctor about all the necessary options. Like one of the latest choices is the use of high-powered lasers. The procedure gets done safely and faster. The laser precisely checks the stone’s presence and breaks down the tissues present around it. The use of a high-powered lens helps to remove the stone with precision.

Kidney Stone Treatment 2: Miniaturized procedure limits chances of bleeding

Some patients have larger kidney stones which require more effective and advanced care. The surgeon will use a progressive approach that requires small incisions. A small camera to see the inside and the stones effectively during surgery. The better precision and effectiveness make the surgery have a high success rate. The procedure is also called mini perc or mini PCNL. All in all, the use of instruments and incisions is less. This surgical procedure is getting much attention because of:

  • Less traumatic surgery
  • Need for less cutting
  • Less bleeding
  • Less pain during recovery

Therefore, all these reasons make kidney stone treatment effective and provide utmost relief to the patients.

Kidney stone Treatment 3: Single-use Scopes Bring Treatment

Single-use Scopes are another tremendous inventive approach that uses scopes called disposable ureteroscopy. The given approach allows the patient to have better access to ureteroscopy. The re-usable scopes are a modern method and play an essential part in limiting hospital stays. That’s not all. There’s limited use of scopes.

As the scope is fragile, the need for repair gets extremely less. All in all, the surgery factor gets better with the latest approach.

Do you have any doubts?

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