Learn About Azoospermia Treatment Before Undergoing The Treatment

Azoospermia And Its Treatment In Kidney Hospital

Learn About Azoospermia Treatment Before Undergoing The Treatment

  • August 18, 2022


One of the main issues that a couple faces before starting a family is infertility. Infertility often also leads to other social problems in an individual life.

According to many studies, there are 15 % of infertile males suffer from azoospermia. In simple terms, they are unable to produce sperm with their semen during ejaculation.

Now it is not only associated with infertility. Azoospermia can also lead to some serious health conditions such as testicular cancer. But do not worry; with the help of an azoospermia treatment in Punjab, you would be able to treat it without any worry.

What Is Azoospermia?

It is basically a fertility disorder wherein the Urologist in Ludhiana is unable to find any sperm in the man’s semen analysis.

There are different causes that can lead to azoospermia or no sperm count disorder. Some lead culprits include genetic disorders, hormonal problems, unhealthy lifestyle, vasectomy, aging, chronic infectious diseases, damage to the sperm-delivery system, obstruction in the epididymis due to trauma, and many more.

There are two types of azoospermia generally:

  1. Obstructive Azoospermia (OA)
  2. Non-Obstructive Azoospermia (NOA)

What Are The Symptoms Of Azoospermia?

On a standard occasion, the doctor diagnoses the sperm count through semen analysis. However, if you notice or experience any of the following symptoms, you must not hesitate to visit a urologist for further assistance.

  • If you do not have testicles.
  • If you are unable to conceive a child even after trying for at least one year.
  • If you notice an increase in body fat, breast tissue, and body hair.
  • If you see watery, clear, or white discharge from the penis.
  • If you experience swelling of the testicles and the lumping of the scrotum that replicates the worm bag (varicocele).
  • If you have soft or small testicles.
  • If you are having twisted, large and prominent veins on the scrotum (varicocele)

How Can You Prepare For Azoospermia Treatment?

If you want to undergo azoospermia treatment to overcome such conditions in order to reduce the chances of testicular cancer. Make sure to follow the steps of instruction to prepare yourself for the azoospermia treatment and maximize its effects.

  1. You should avoid drinking alcohol as it might reduce sperm count and also motility.
  2. You should stop smoking; smoking can cause the reduction of sperm motility and number while also increasing DNA abnormalities.
  3. Try to avoid wearing tight underwear and pants for a longer period of time as it might keep the testicles close to the body. And the sperm concentration decreases with the body temperature.
  4. Do not take a hot shower before you undergo the treatment. If you are using hot tubs, saunas, and jacuzzis for a long time, it might heat the testis and also impact sperm production negatively.

Treatment For Azoospermia

To put it bluntly, there are no home remedies available for azoospermia. So you are recommended to use only medical or surgical treatment to overcome the conditions. The doctor first diagnoses azoospermia by measuring the level of FSH hormone present in the blood. They also examine the semen sample and also check the size of the testicles.

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