Living without a gallbladder: What to expect and how to manage your health

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Living without a gallbladder: What to expect and how to manage your health

  • May 19, 2023


If you face constant and high abdominal pain from gallstones, your doctor may suggest removing your gall bladder. You can speak to the best urologist in Punjab to discuss further surgery options.

Gall bladder function

Gallbladders are small organs linked to the liver and various parts of the digestive system via bile ducts. The liver stores bile here before it is released through the biliary tract into the small intestine.

Bile aids your body in breaking down the food we eat and helps digest the fat; hence, the gall bladder plays a vital role in digestive fitness.

Tips to manage your health after gallbladder removal

After surgery, take a break.

Robot-assisted laparoscopic surgery is preferred whenever possible for gallbladder removal because it is a slightly invasive way. Compared to classic open surgery, the laparoscopic method provides less risk of a snag during and after the operation, and it greatly boosts your overall recovery time.

Undoubtedly, most patients who have undergone laparoscopic surgery can return to their homes on the same day after getting treatment from a urologist in Punjab. However, it is wise not to return to your normal activities immediately. Do not forget to give your body 2 to 3 days of rest.

During the next two to three days, pamper your stomach with a diet that is easy to digest. You should begin with clear liquids, broth, and gelatine and then gradually introduce solid foods.

Ear more fiber-rich diets

By increasing the fiber in your food, you can make movement more easily. Adding soluble fiber such as barley and oats to your diet is wise. However, gradually raise the amount of fiber, such as over several weeks. This is because if you try to raise the fiber rapidly, this can make gas in your stomach, worsening your life.

Consume less caffeine

As a result of caffeine in coffee, stomach contents empty faster. Gas, bloating, and stomach pain can occur if your gall bladder does not produce enough bile. You can gradually bring back coffee and tea if you are able to.

Eat smaller portions

It is a good idea to eat smaller portions of meals as they will easily mix with the bile present in your stomach. Your healthy meal should have a small amount of lean protein, such as fat-free dairy, poultry, fish, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.

Final words

These are some tips to live a healthy life after gallbladder removal. It is wise to follow a light meal to get rid of any issues later on for just some time. If you still face any issues, contact Aastha Hospital now.