Oligozoospermia (Low Sperm Count): Guide on semen with low sperm concentration

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Low Sperm Count

Oligozoospermia (Low Sperm Count): Guide on semen with low sperm concentration

  • August 4, 2022


Oligozoospermia (Low Sperm Count)

Oligozoospermia Or Low Sperm Count: The condition when sperm concentration becomes extremely low in semen, around 15 million per milliliter. The problem is one of the main reasons behind male infertility. Couples having trouble getting pregnant should consult the fertility doctor and seek personalized Oligozoospermia treatment in Punjab. The male partner can even father a child through the right care and informed approach.

Symptoms of low sperm count

A low sperm count can affect the ability to have a baby. It might be difficult to understand everything if you think about noticing the symptoms and getting medical assistance. The most common and primary issues are:

  • Dilated testicular veins
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Chromosomal abnormality
  • Dilated testicular veins

Apart from these, several symptoms can occur like:

  • The Testicle area will have a lump or pain swelling
  • Problem with sexual life
  • Reduces facial or body hair means hormonal imbalance or chromosomal imbalance
  • Problem maintaining erection

As mentioned above, a low sperm count can show signs of low sexual desire. Therefore, you must seek expert assistance for sexual problem treatment and make everything effectively balanced.

Diagnosis of low sperm count

Usually, the problem comes to light when the couple tries to conceive. If that happens, getting a proper test and checking your fertility health is necessary. If you find out you have a low sperm count, consult the Urologist in Ludhiana. He will suggest to you the necessary ways to increase the chances of pregnancy and restore the condition to its normal state.

The doctor can ask you to get a semen analysis to test everything properly. The given below table represents the necessary parameter that is essential to be noticed in semen analysis test:


Parameters Values
Ejaculate Volume ( > 1.5 mL)
Sperm Concentration ( > 15 million/mL)
Total Motility ( > 40%)
Progressive Motility (>= 32%)


Well! There are different types of low sperm count and table properly represents the same:

Types of Low Sperm Count

Types Sperm concentration in Ejaculate
Mild Oligospermia 10 million to 20 million sperm/mL
Moderate Oligospermia 5 million to 10 sperm/mL
Normozoospermia >15 million sperm/mL
Severe Oligospermia 1 to 5 million sperm/mL
Azoospermia 0 sperm
Cryptozoospermia 0 to rare sperm, hidden sperms found after centrifugation


Depending on the type of low sperm count, the urologist or fertility doctor will suggest the necessary treatment plan. For severe low sperm count, the doctor suggests ART options like IVF-ICSI.

​Causes of Low Sperm Count

Medical Causes Lifestyle Choices Environmental Causes
Varicocele Drug Use Industrial Chemicals
Ejaculation Problems Stress Radiation or X-rays
Tumors and Genetic Causes Excess body weight Overheating of Testicles
Infection Smoking and Alcohol Consumption Heavy Metal Exposure
Hormonal Imbalances & excess intake of medications

 Five tips to increase sperm count naturally

Once you have known about the problem, you should follow some necessary tips to boost sperm count naturally. It includes:

  • Avoid unhealthy habits like drinking alcohol, smoking, and taking illicit drugs. All these factors can affect sperm production.
  • Make sure to take vitamin supplements like folic acid, zinc, and antioxidants on time.
  • Do not take excess stress, exercise regularly, and don’t get involved in a stressful regime.
  • Keep your body weight healthy.
  • Stay away from steroids as they affect the entire well-being adversely. And do not try to self-medicate yourself.

Final word