Azoospermia Treatment: Natural remedies and surgical options for Azoospermia

Is It Possible To Treat Azoospermia

Azoospermia Treatment: Natural remedies and surgical options for Azoospermia

  • August 3, 2022


Azoospermia: Absence of sperm during ejaculation

Azoospermia is one of the most common medical problems when there’s an absent sperm during ejaculation. The condition is likely to worsen with reproductive tract blockage or hormonal problems. If you are diagnosed with the same, getting on-time azoospermia treatment in Ludhiana is essential for its proper management.

Treatment for Azoospermia

Azoospermia treatment is the way of connecting the sperm duct, which makes it difficult for the sperm to flow easily. In some cases, as there’s a need to undergo Infertility Treatment, on-time diagnosis and proper evaluation are essential. In the case of non-obstructive azoospermia, medical treatment might not be able to cure it properly.

Although, for infertility conditions, several treatments can make it easier to manage the problem. The couple can have their biological child with the assistance of the ICSI-IVF treatment. The sperm sample is extracted through a needle from the testes.

Surgical treatment for Azoospermia

If azoospermia leads to blockage in the reproductive tract, surgical treatment is likely. At first, it’s worth considering the medical assistance from the renowned Urologist in Ludhiana. Only after knowing the possible reason the next steps are taken.

In some cases, there’s a need to get proper semen analysis for around 3 to 6 months. The sperm count can return to normal, and there’s no infertility problem. In many cases, the couple can conceive naturally and improve the condition in a better manner. Vastectomy can be reversed, so that sperm enters smoothly.

Natural remedies to cure Azoospermia

Home remedies might work in some cases and might not improve the condition in some situations. It’s about trying and seeing whether there’s a difference in the sperm count. It’s all about following the right home remedies and seeing how your body responds to the present state. Some of the necessary home remedies that can improve the condition of Azoospermia are:

  • Make sure to do yoga and meditate properly. By doing so, the stress levels are under control.
  • Take all the necessary vitamin supplements on time like ginseng, omega-3, omega-6, and coenzyme.
  • Follow a well-balanced diet plan that includes vitamins, fibers, and carbohydrates.
  • Make sure you exercise for at least 1 hour to keep overall health balanced. Being active every day is the key to properly improving the entire state.

Final word!

Well! No two people have the same condition. So, effective management of situation is different for every person. Therefore, it’s worth considering getting the best care from the kidney doctor on time.