RIRS Vs PCNL- Which One Is Better?

This topic is all about the discussion of the two most common kidney stone treatment methods, which are RIRS and PCNL
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RIRS Vs PCNL- Which One Is Better?

  • January 9, 2023


Kidney stones are becoming more and more common with everyday passing. However, with the advanced technology, treating kidney stones has become way more accessible than it was a few years back. Doctors have developed multiple methods of treating kidney stones.

This topic is all about the discussion of the two most common kidney stone treatment methods, which are RIRS and PCNL. Both methods have high success rates but still differ from each other in multiple terms. We have shared some points that will acknowledge you with the better one of both. 


RIRS is another popular method suitable for the kidney stone removal process. It includes going through the ureter into the kidney by the doctor, and the results are quite satisfying with this treatment procedure. The RIRS procedure includes using ultrasonic waves to make sure that the patient has no kidney stone present in his body. 

The risks involved in this kidney stone removal procedure are urinary infection, bleeding, fever, and many more challenging situations. It is best if one works under the surveillance of an expert who can successfully carry out the RIRS surgery in Ludhiana


PCNL, also known as percutaneous nephrolithotomy, is a procedure developed to treat kidney stones present in the upper ureter or kidney. This treatment comes to use when kidney stones do not get passed out along with urine. 

PCNL includes minor incisions to carry out the kidney stone removal procedure and is inclusive of minor risks, including organ injury, infection, bleeding, and a few more. To get the best out of your PCNL surgery, you are suggested to get in contact with a reliable doctor for your PCNL surgery in Ludhiana. 

Points to be noted

  1. Patients undergoing the PCNL surgery are known to be requiring a lot of time to recover fully from the surgery, unlike the RIRS surgery having a much lower recovery time. 
  2. The RIRS surgery is suited for people having small kidney stones, whereas the PCNL is suited for large kidney stones. 
  3. RIRS is inclusive of lesser complications compared to PCNL surgery for kidney stone removal.

End Thoughts

Going through the above information on RIRS and PCNL surgeries can easily wash off your doubts related to the effectiveness of both. Seeing the complications and recovery time and a few of the other points, you can easily get hints as to which one is the better amongst both. 


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