What Is The Importance Of Roles Of A Urologist In Treating Prostate Cancer?

_Role Of Urologist In Treating Prostate Cancer
Prostate Cancer

What Is The Importance Of Roles Of A Urologist In Treating Prostate Cancer?

  • July 31, 2021


A Urologist

Treats The Urinary Tract And Reproductive System

A urologist in Ludhiana is responsible for treating the various conditions which are affecting the urinary tract which may include the bladder, ureters, urethra & kidneys, and the reproductive system which consists of the scrotum, penis, testis and prostate gland. The urologist is responsible for detecting any problematic condition or cancer-causing cells in these organs.

Role Of Urologist In Detecting The Prostate Cancer

It is only the urologist who can detect the presence of cancer in the prostate gland as he is having specialisation in detecting and treating the problems related to prostate cancer.

What If Prostate Cancer Is Suspected?

In case, prostate cancer is only suspected and not sure, hen the urologist will consider taking the following tests into account:

PSA Blood Tests DRE
PSA Stands for the prostate-specific antigen. Whenever the symptoms are making prostate cancer to be suspected then the availability of the PSA levels are to be suspected. The low amount of the PSA is an indication that the prostate is in a healthy condition. DRE is an acronym for a digital rectal examination. Whenever the prostate problems are susceptible, then the urologist considers taking DRE into account to know if there are any signs of the abnormal shape or thickness in the prostate. To carry out this technique, the doctor uses the lubricated glove finger which helps you to feel the abnormal changes in the structure.

Other Responsibilities

Apart from doing the screening of prostate cancer, a urologist is responsible for the following:

  • To Detect The Cancer Stage

It is solely the responsibility of the urologist to detect up to which extent cancer has spread. The task of ascertaining the stage and the grade of the cancer is done by the urologist only.

  • To Provide The Test Reports

After doing all the diagnostic tests, the specialist will help you to get acquainted with all the aspects of the abnormalities in the reports.

  • Guide You The Right Treatment

After taking so many factors into account, the doctor individualized the cancer treatment plan which will not only aim at killing cancer-causing cells from the particular area but to restore the greater health capabilities in the individual.

  • Keep You In The Regular Flow Up

When your cancer treatment will be going on. It is the urologist only who will take a regular check on the follow-ups. You will be called to the hospital several times so that the doctor may track the progress.

  • He’ll Be Your Journey Partner

Fighting cancer will not only be a part of your life. But the doctor who is going to treat you is also going to be in the emotional phase like you, as he will get connected with you and will not be wanting to leave any stone unturned to take you out of this deadly cancer.

A Tribute To The Urologist!

After reading the blog, you might have run into the importance of the urologist in treating cancer. They are the people who always do their best so that the patients should not be left disappointed. They deserve a grand salute.

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