Adult Urology

General Adult Urology

Urology is the medical specialty concerned with urinary tract diseases in men and women, as well as genital tract diseases in men. There are millions of urologists across the world. A urologist needs to complete the standard career course of four years of medical school, one or two years of general surgery preparation, and three to four years of urology internship.

The majority of urologists pursue their education in a concentrated subspecialty field- a fellowship upon residency. In fellowship training in urology several courses are completed such as-:
  • Urological oncology
  • Pediatrics
  • Voiding disorder
  • Laparoscopy or endourology
  • Sexual medicine
  • Pelvic reconstructive surgery
  • Clinical study
  • Male infertility.

The specialization incorporates medical and surgical preparation which involves a broad variety of male and female health conditions of all ages.

Information about Adult Urology

What is the working of the urinary system?

The body utilizes nutrients from diet and retains other body processes for strength and self-repair. Once the diet has consumed everything the body wants, excess or waste materials are left behind in the blood and in the intestine.
The urinary system interacts for the kidneys, intestines, and skin. All of which still excrete waste to maintain the body’s toxins and fluids regulation. Per day, adults lose around one and a half quarters of urine. The level depends on several variables, in particular, the volume of liquids and food ingested by a human and how much liquid is lost by sweat and breathing as well. Few forms of pharmaceutical items can also influence the volume of urine produced.
The urinary system has the responsibility to extract a kind of waste from the blood called urea. Urea is created as the body breaks down foods containing protein, such as beef, vegetables, and poultry as well. The urea is delivered to the lungs through the urine.

What are the things that trigger problems in the urinary system?

Problems may be triggered by aging, cancer, illness, and damage to the urinary system. When you grow older, certain changes in the composition of the kidneys allow them to lack some of their potentials to eliminate waste from the body.
The muscles in your ureters, bladder, and urethra do appear to lose some energy. You can get further urinary problems, because the muscles of the bladder may not relax sufficiently to properly drain the bladder.
A reduction in muscle control of the sphincters and the pelvis can often induce incontinence, the excessive urinary leakage. Illness or accident may even prohibit the kidneys from adequately absorbing the fluid, or preventing urinary passage.

What do we offer for urology problems at our hospital?

Across all facets of adult and pediatric urology, we provide inpatient and outpatient medical as well as surgical services round the clock. Our hospital offers monitoring, scheduling, and state-of-the-art care for urological disorders from an experienced urologist.
We take care of your safety and we offer:

  • Superior survival rate
  • Low infection rate & heart complications
  • Comprehensive treatment is given 24X7
  • Isolated units and machinery for HIV or Hepatitis B & C patients.


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    When do I contact the doctor?

    You need to consult the doctor immediately in case of seizures and blackouts. While some of these symptoms may be a result of other medical condition, it is always advisable to receive immediate medical attention. Repeated seizures can cause serious injury and must never be ignored.

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