Gynecologists in Ludhiana, Punjab

Miracles Happen Here

Gynecologists in Ludhiana, Punjab, Aastha Kidney And Super specialty Hospital is one of the best hospitals offering patients comprehensive care for their health issues. We have a team of gynaecologists to give you ‘Extraordinary Care’. The journey of parenthood is the most exciting phase in any couple’s life.

A Family Of The Hospital For Your Family.

Our focus is on giving you moral, emotional, and specialized care through an advanced and modern approach. No matter what answers you want for your infertility problems we bring the ‘Best of Care, Close to Home’. We put in all the best efforts to provide you with the advanced and latest treatment method. Be it male or female infertility or any of the gynecological-related issues, we have everything available for you under one roof.

Advanced Technology Under One Roof

We all know if we choose well, we will be well. Once you step into our hospital, we put in the best possible efforts to make your pregnancy journey easier. Our team of gynecologists has maintained the success rate with their skills and experience. We dedicatedly provide the patients with fertility-related treatment like IVF-ICSI laser-assisted eggs, IVF-egg donation, male infertility, hysteroscopy, fertility drugs, sexual & mental health issues, fertility enhancement laparoscopy, and techniques like PESA & TESA.

Patient-Centric Approach

We offer our patients the updated and best treatment plan by focusing on the patient’s condition. Initially, we diagnose the patient’s condition and then advise them on the best treatment option depending on their condition. The expertise of our team has helped many couples to enjoy the successful journey of pregnancy even with minimal intervention techniques. As a team ‘WE’ are committed to delivering you the highest and quality care. Our treatment approach is done through evidence-based clinical service to give you the best of care. So that you can enjoy the journey of parenthood. We keep everything confidential, the latest, comprehensive, and up-to-date treatment options to suit all your needs.

  • We have a fair success rate for all the treatment options we offer.
  • We ensure to provide nothing but the best care to the patients.
  • We update everything at our hospital so that every patient gets the treatment through the best technology.
  • We have the highest lab standards to take your pregnancy journey with safety.
  • Our entire staff is properly trained so that patients can communicate well on what they need and they get that on time.
  • Considering the given situation of COVID, we make sure to keep the entire place safe and clean. Every day we make sure to clean every ward as your safety matters to us the most. In addition, we sterilize the equipment after each use.
  • We build the best relationship with the client so that the treatment success is the highest.
  • At every step of the treatment, there is clear transparency. Be it cost or about your condition, nothing will be hidden from you.

Enjoy your Journey of Parenthood


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    You need to consult the doctor immediately in case of seizures and blackouts. While some of these symptoms may be a result of other medical condition, it is always advisable to receive immediate medical attention. Repeated seizures can cause serious injury and must never be ignored.

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