बवासीर: Piles (Haemorrhoids) Treatment in Ludhiana, Punjab

Piles (Haemorrhoids) बवासीर Treatment in Ludhiana, Punjab , Hemorrhoids are also known as piles. These are the swollen veins that are found in your anus and lower rectum which is similar to the varicose veins. These may develop either in the rectum or under the skin found around the anus.


Did you know?

Three out of the four adults do suffer from hemorrhoids.

There are so many causes because of which people may suffer from hemorrhoids. But the other times, the situation comes to origin in which the cause is often unknown.

In case, any of our patients notice the signs of hemorrhoids, then they must visit us at Astha Superspeciality Hospital.


Which Are The Customary Symptoms Of Hemorrhoids?

The signs and the symptoms of the hemorrhoids depend upon the type of the same.


External Hemorrhoids Internal Hemorrhoids
These emerge in the skin present around the anus:

●          Itching or Irritation in the anal region

●          Extreme Pain or Discomfort

●          Bleeding

●          Swelling in the region present around your anus

You’ll find the internal hemorrhoids lying inside the rectum. You may not see or feel them and they may become a rare cause of discomfort for you. But when you strain or are passing stool, then the following problems may be experienced:

●          Painless Bleeding during the bowel movements.

●          You may experience small amounts of blood on either or both the toilet papers or on the toilet seat.

●          When you are suffering from this issue, then the anal openings may result in pain and irritation.



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What Are The Thrombosed Haemorrhoids?


In case, the blood clots are being formed when the blood pools in external hemorrhoid, then it can result in:

  • Severe Pain
  • Swelling
  • Inflammation
  • The hard lump near the anus

When Should You Not Delay Seeing The Doctor?

  • In case you are bleeding during the bowel movements, then you may have hemorrhoids that do not get improved even after a week or two of home care.
  • Do not mistake to assume every kind of rectal bleeding as the consequence of the hemorrhoids. Usually, it happens that when a person changes the bowel habits or if some sort of change is being experienced in the stools based on the color and the consistency, then it is quite normal to experience the bleeding.

Did you know?

The rectal bleeding could be a sign of either anal or rectal cancer.

  • In case, you are feeling dizzy, fainting, or lightheaded, then please seek emergency care.


You may suffer from the hemorrhoids:

  • If you are straining during the bowel movements, then you can surely expect the hemorrhoids to be on the cards.
  • If you sit in the toilet for prolonged periods.
  • If you are having any chronic condition concerning diarrhea or the constipation
  • If you are obese
  • If you are pregnant
  • If you ever had or are currently in the habit of indulging in the anal intercourse
  • If you are eating the low fiber diet
  • If you are lifting heavy weights regularly

Risk Factors

  • Age factor

If you are aging, then your risk of hemorrhoids may increase. This is probably because of the tissues that are accountable for supporting the veins in your rectum and the anus. With this, the stretch can become weak.

  • Pregnant

When a female is pregnant, then the body purs pressure on the anal region because of which the spots of the blood can be experienced.


It is quite rare for hemorrhoid patients to experience these:

  • Anemia
  • Strangulated hemorrhoid
  • Blood Clots


The greatest way to prevent hemorrhoids is to do everything necessary for keeping the stools soft, so that they may get passed out easily. If you want to prevent hemorrhoids and reduce the symptoms of the same, then please follow these tips:

  • Consume high-fiber foods

The fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are highly rich in fiber content. If you have them regularly, then your stool will become soft and you can surely prevent hemorrhoids.

  • Drink plenty of fluids

Make sure to drink at least six to eight glasses of water or other kinds of liquids to make your body hydrated.

  • Consider Fiber Supplements

Many people are not able to fulfilll the fiber requirement of the body with the diet only. So they are suggested to switch to supplements that may fulfill the requirement.

  • Do not hold your breath

If you strain or hold your breath, when you are passing then passing the stool, then immense pressure is created on the veins which are present in the lower rectum.

  • Do not delay

If you delay in passing the stool, then it is likely to get dried up and thus it will be hard to pass it out.

  • Exercise

If you exercise regularly, then you are contributing to saying bye-bye to constipation. When you pass a stool after being constipated, then there are chances for you to get bothered with hemorrhoids as it becomes difficult to pass the stool.

  • Do not sit for too long

If you sit in the toilet for a prolonged period, then the pressure on the veins may increase. And thus the problem of hemorrhoids becomes likely to be encountered.


Final Comments!

If you notice any signs or symptoms that make you sure that it is haemorrhoids that are bothering you, then you should wait for even a second to approach the reputed doctors of Astha Superspeciality Hospital. The trained doctors formulate a personalised plan for each patient, as the medical condition of each patient is different.


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