Hip Replacement

Hip Replacement Treatment & Surgery In Ludhiana, Punjab

Hip Replacement Treatment & Surgery In Ludhiana, Punjab, In case, one or more than one section of the hip is damaged, then our walking posture is severely affected. But why worry? Medical science has made considerable advancements in all spheres of the treatments. One such issue is hip damage. If the damage is structural and cannot be aimed for medicative treatment, then a hip replacement can surely be relied on.
Hip replacement is the procedure in which the use of the prosthesis can help to reduce the pain and ameliorate functioning.

What If My Hip Has Not Gotten Damaged, But These Are Surely Causing Discomfort In Performing Daily Activities?

There may arise certain situations, in which the hips have not gotten damaged but they are surely becoming a source of discomfort in the performance of the daily activities. In such cases, the doctors will first of all try to make you heal with the medications and the therapies. If they do not work, then hip replacement may be considered.

Situations –

In Which You May Need Hip Replacement?

Following is the mentioning of some of the situations which can damage the hip joints and makes it mandatory for you to take up the Hip replacement:

When the ends which cover the bones & smoothen the joint-functioning, gets damaged, then this is known as wear and tear arthritis. The targeted damaged part is osteoarthritis.

Rheumatoid arthritis
The reactiveness of the body-defence system can lead to the wear and tear of the cartilage and can result in the deformation of the joints.

If the blood is not being supplied to the ball portion present in the hip joint, then the bone might collapse and get deformed owing to the dislocation and the fracture.

Risks –

If Surgery Is Not Performed By The Specialists

At Astha super speciality hospital, the doctors are vastly trained to perform replacement surgeries. 98% of the surgeries performed at our hospital have come out to be risk and complication-free.

But if you count on the non-trained or poorly-trained doctors, nobody can save you from the following:

  • Blood Clots (In the Legs)
  • Development of the infection at the site of the incision
  • Fractures and Dislocations
  • Change in the length of the hip
  • Loosening of the bone-implant
  • Damage to the nerve

Will I need to get a hip replacement done for the second time?

If a patient has undergone hip replacement at a very young age, then with the progression of the same, the prosthetic may wear out. In that case, you may need to undergo a second hip replacement.

What Happens Before The Surgery?

Umm… Umm…You can expect the following:
The visit to a doctor will include:

  • Discussion of the medical history and the consumption of the current medications
  • Hip examination
  • Imaging Tests
  • Blood Tests


  • Do not consume any of the tobacco products before the surgical procedure.
  • Do not get any dental work done before the surgery.
What Happens During The Procedure?

The surgeon will commence the surgery by administering the hip surrounding nerves with anaesthesia. This procedure will take a few hours to get completed.


  • An incision will be made through the tissue layers that will start from the top of the hip and will extend to the sides.
  • The diseased bone or cartilage will be removed.
  • The prosthetic socket and ball will be implanted in the pelvic bone and the thigh bone respectively.

What To Expect After The Procedure?

  • It will take a few hours for the effect of the anaesthesia to wear off. So you will be shifted to the recovery area.
  • The nursing and care-taking staff will constantly monitor the following:
    • BP
    • Pulse Rate
    • Alertness
    • Pain
    • Discomfort
    • Medication needs


What If You Stubbornly Want To Opt For The Outpatient Hip Replacement, Even If Your Medical Condition Is Not Conducive?
According to our specialist, in those cases, the patient will be at great risk of experiencing blood clots in the legs.




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