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The urethra is explained as a tube that has the responsibility to carry the urine to an outside hole from the bladder. The tube is located at the end or top of the penis in boys and even holds sperm. The urethra, where the tube ends well past the end of the penis, is a genetic defect. There are different types of hypospadias corresponding to the gap from the extremity of the penis at the end of the urethra.
The curvature of the penis known as chordee may cause hypospadias. In some cases, a man is unable to urinate, have sexual intercourse, and/or procreate while standing up. Kids with Hypospadias shouldn’t be circumcised as a type of tissue used by doctors to repair the missing portion of the urethra is the foreskin extracted throughout circumcision.Epispadias is an issue that can affect both boys and girls. The urethral gap in girls with epispadias occurs between the clitoris and the labia rather than the abdomen. The urethra typically occurs at the top and side of the penis rather than at the edge of boys with an epispadias. The urethra can remain accessible all the length of the penis, though.

Causes of Hypospadias / Epispadias

Researchers have found some genetic evidence, including a greater incidence of the disease in twins and families. Higher rates of hypospadias are reported with children of mothers that have been subjected to elevated progesterone levels, a hormone widely utilized during IVF. In babies of Jewish and Italian origin, hypospadias is more common.


Surgical Operations that are typically done at age 6-12 are used to resolve hypospadias/epispadias. In severe cases, childhood surgery is the best option for the children’s team while the child is still in utero.

Surgery for childhood hypospadias/epispadias

Children’s clinical urology department supports newborns, infants, and adolescents in the Upper Midwest with next-generation treatment. The team consistently carries out some of the most advanced operating procedures, including

  • Newborn surgery
  • Minimally invasive surgery
  • Robotic surgery, when appropriate.


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