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Joint Replacement Surgery in Ludhiana, Punjab

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Best and Advanced Approach for Joint Replacement Surgery

Joint Replacement Surgery in Ludhiana, Punjab, Orthopedic care has improved a lot with time or it would be right to say that the approach has got better. Earlier patients used to struggle to find the best care for joint replacement or it was painful. But, Now! As medical science has advanced, the medical approach for joint replacement surgery has gotten better. At Astha Hospital, the orthopedic doctor will curate the best treatment which will suit your condition.

What are the types of joint replacement?

There are different types of joint replacement which includes:

  • Knee
  • Hip
  • Shoulder Wrist

Here, our focus is on telling you about the total joint replacement procedure. If you are dealing with a joint problem then make sure to schedule your initial consultation with our ortho doctor to get the best treatment plan.

How much is the cost of joint replacement?

On average, the cost of joint replacement can be Rs 1.5 Lakh. To get an accurate estimate of the surgery you should schedule your initial consultation with the best ortho doctor.

What are the situations where joint replacement is suggested?

Joint pain and disability can occur due to different conditions. With that, it increases the possibility of disability that the doctor will suggest you get joint replacement surgery. In certain cases, the problem of joint pain can occur due to the cartilage damage which lines the bone ends and the problem is likely to occur due to:

  • Fracture
  • Arthritis
  • Or Another health issue

It is possible that the doctor will suggest that you consider non-surgical treatment in the first place like physical therapy, medications, and changing daily activities. If with these options the disability or pain is not addressed then the doctor will suggest you get the total joint replacement.

How to prepare for joint replacement surgery?

  • Ideally, you should start preparing yourself one week before the surgery.
  • You have to keep a check on your general health and undergo different tests like blood tests and cardiograms.
  • You should prepare your body by eating the right kind of food and exercising on a daily basis.

When you plan ahead for the surgery, it will make your body stronger & the results from the surgery will be better.

What is the surgical approach for joint replacement surgery?

To perform the total joint replacement, a few hours are required. During the surgery, the bone and the damaged cartilage is removed from the joint & prosthetic components are replaced with those which are made of plastic, ceramic, and metal.
The prosthesis mimics the movement and shape of just like the natural joint. In the case of an arthritic hip, the damaged ball is replaced with the metal basal and then the metal stem is attached which is fitted into the femur, and then comes the implantation of the plastic socket which means the damaged socket is replaced.

How does the recovery feel like with the joint replacement surgery?

  • Now! The recovery and rehabilitation timeline will vary for each person. The doctor will suggest you make use of the new joint right after the operation. We know it can be challenging but when you follow the doctor’s instructions the recovery will be much better.
  • In this case, temporary pain can be felt in the joint as the surrounding muscles are weak. The body will take time to adjust itself with the new joint as the tissues are being healed. The pain will get resolved within a few months.
  • Make sure to follow the proper exercise regime during the recovery process. By doing so, your physical movement will restore and the joint will get strong.

Best possible outcomes with joint replacement surgery

If you are experiencing a problem with your joint, then you should schedule your initial consultation with the doctor. Feel free to talk about any concerns you have in your mind.


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