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What are kidney stones and their customary symptom? How are these treated?

Kidney Stone Treatment in Patiala, Kidney stones are nothing more than solid deposits which are peculiarly formed of the minerals & variegated acidic salts. These stones are supposed to combine in intense urine. No doubt, the person afflicted with these stones will be suffering from the utmost disconcerting situation. But once you approach a kidney specialist doctor in Patiala, then you will be confident that soon you’re going to get healed. Kidney stone treatment in Patiala and other districts of Punjab have highly satisfied the patients who were once oppressed with the affliction. In the ensuing information we are going to have a glance at the variegated aspects of the kidney stones and their treatment:

Customary Symptom

It is observed that many patients have only got diagnosed once they have visited the doctor complaining about the harsh pain which they were facing. This pain is usually experienced in the side of the abdominal cavity. When this pain gets severe, one may feel nauseated as well.

Aim of medical treatment

Medical treatment aims to fragmentize the stones and let them pass through the urine.

Laser kidney stone treatment

The stratagem used to carry out the fragmentation of the stones is known as the Lithotripsy procedure. This procedure is minimally invasive besides, no incisions are required. It is specifically useful when the stones are to snap in the following organs:

  • Kidneys
  • Gallbladder
  • Ureter

When the medications are not causing any effect in response to the stone problem, then usually the treatment is performed taking into account this modus operandi only.

Types of Lithotripsy

Lithotripsy is peculiar of two predominant types as listed below:

  • ESWL – Extracorporeal Shock Wave LithotripsyIn this procedure, with the help of the shockwaves, the stones are aimed to be snapped. The machine which is used to aim at the stones is known as the lithotripter. It is relevant to mention here that the stones will only get damaged and shock waves will not cause any effect on the adjoining muscles and tissues. The duration required to perform this procedure is customarily one hour. A patient with a good medical history is even able to go home the day a surgical procedure is performed.
  • FURSL – Flexible Ureteroscopy & Laser LithotripsyThis stratagem to heal the stone-distressed patients aim at targeting the stones in the afflicted organ with the help of an endoscope. This process involves the steps in which initially the surgeon locates the stones and afterwards aims at fragmenting them with lasers. The broken stones are then triggered to pass with urine with the help of medications. This procedure takes comparatively less time than that of ESWL. In this procedure, the patient can be discharged by the doctor on the same day if he is medically fit.


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