Japanese Technology Dialysis Machines: Sundial 55, Surdial X

Sundial 55, Surdial X By Nipro Dialysis Machines Ludhiana: Our main goal is to offer the best treatment to our patients so that they can lead a happy life without any problem. Nipro as the largest dialyzers manufacturers, focus to give the best renal care across the world. Not only this, but it also provides the best machines for successful treatment for the better life of the patient.
Nipro has a long tradition of both engineering problems and the development of creative ways to strengthen renal treatment on a regular basis. That ensures that dialysis centers are continually conscious of the various problems now and in the future.

Surdial 55 Plus

Surdial 55Plus is a dialysis system that is simple to use and provides patients with the right renal replacement. Not only this, Surdial 55 Plus also improves the quality of life and well-being of the patients, paired with validated technologies and innovative care functionality. This is convenient to use with a colorful LCD touchscreen. Displaying the computing details turnable and transparently gives you a great overview.
Surdial 55Plus gives patients the best available kidney replacement treatment, a simple to use dialysis system. In Aastha Hospital, we treat our patients with a Surdial 55 plus machine, because we know the value of their life and money. Here are some features of this machine, so that you can get detailed information about it.


  • As we stated above, it is a Touch Screen.
  • Turn a simple monitor that helps you to see the care details continuously
  • Fast time to clean and disinfect
  • Core Priority Supply
  • Blood detector
  • Acetate and bicarbonate dialysis
  • Self-check
  • Single needle with a single blood pump
  • UF profile
  • 10.4” color touch panel display
  • Kt/v
  • Battery backup
  • Conductivity profile
  • Sequential dialysis

Surdial X.

Ensure Surdial X, a simple to use hemodialysis device that provides outstanding versatility and personalized therapies maximizes patient health and performance. Stages of visual and sound monitoring are given to patients, while flexible therapy systems require each therapy to accommodate the unique requirements of the patient’s therapies. Surdial X is robust and uncomplete, suitable for HD, HF, and (online) HDF implementations.

Features of Surdial X at Aastha kidney hospital in Ludhiana.

  • HD, HF, and (inline) HDF with an adaptive application mode selection system for optimum versatility.
  • Small use of disinfectants and quick time to disinfect.
  • Pump parts helped by machine-assisted loading setup.
  • Intuitive user experience, full-text commands.
  • Clear care progress summary.
  • Scan of the patient file or card reader.
  • External network link

Available functions

  • Dialyzer leakage control
  • Blood Pressure Monitoring (BPM)
  • Max-Sub Function
  • Clean Treatment Start (CTS)
  • Dialysate Infusion Function (DIF)
  • Dose Detector Function
  • Blood Volume Monitor (BVM)


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