Minimal Access Surgery

Minimal Access Surgery in Ludhiana, Punjab

What is Minimal Access Surgery?

Minimal Access Surgery in Ludhiana, Punjab, Minimal Access Surgery is the new surgical approach that requires only 1 or more incisions but is very small in size. This type of surgery has eradicated the use of large incisions which can be painful to deal with. You might not believe even a 1/4″ long incision can easily pass the telescope which has a video camera attached on its one end into the body.

Everything is easily viewed on the video monitor which allows the surgery to be done with more precision. The required instruments are passed through the incision. If the surgeon is using the instrument to operate the abdomen then that surgical method is referred to as laparoscope, if used for the chest then it is called thoracoscopy and in the same manner, there are other procedures.


What is the need for doing minimal access surgery?

Minimal access surgery or Minimally invasive surgery (MIS) came into existence in the 1980s. It has been 41 years that this approach is preferred. Why?

  • Safe
  • Effective method

In many cases, when it was thought that the patient needed the traditional open surgery then the use of MIS helped the patients. Doing so, prevented the use of large incisions and longer hospital stay. Now! The use of MIS has expanded in the entire world. With this surgical intervention, the surgeon can provide better results to colon and lung patients. To understand whether you are a suitable candidate for the same or not, then you have to consult our medical expert.

Minimal Invasive Surgery

Endoscopy is referred to as an invasive method for diagnosis which helps to check the organs, abnormalities, and even take a biopsy. With the endoscope (thin and flexible tube), a small camera is attached to one end which helps to properly view the organs. The endoscope is inserted into the mouth or through the anus.

Upper Endoscopy
Upper endoscopy is suggested by the doctor to check the frequent symptoms like:
– Upper abdominal pain
– Problem swallowing
– Vomiting
– Nausea
Moreover, this test can find the reason behind the bleeding which occurs in the upper gastrointestinal tract. Through the upper endoscopy, it is easier to check the issues like:

  • Ulcers
  • Inflammation
  • Tumor of esophagus
  • Tumor of duodenum
  • Tumor of Stomach

It is also possible that it can check the early sign of cancer and even helps to differentiate b/w the malignant & benign conditions. Through the biopsy, the possible factor can be checked.

Can upper endoscopy treat the problem?

Yes! Through this approach, the conditions in the upper gastrointestinal tract are checked. With the endoscope, the possible instruments are passed to look for the abnormalities and treat them like:

  • Removing polyps
  • Stretching narrowed area
  • Swallowed objects
  • Bleeding in the upper gastro tract

You might not know this but the endoscopic approach has helped to reduce the need for transfusions.

Laparoscopy is another great medical approach that also requires small incisions. The laparoscope has a small camera attached to one end and it helps to give a better view of the entire body as everything is displayed live on the video monitor.

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