Penis cancer surgery (Penectomy)

Penis cancer surgery In Ludhiana, Punjab

Penis cancer surgery (Penectomy)

Penis cancer surgery In Ludhiana, Punjab: Surgery is the most common treatment for all stages of penile cancer. If the cancer is small and it has not spread, it can be treated without the need to remove the penis part. If the cancer is found at an advanced stage, some part or all the penis might need to be removed with the tumor. Your cancer team will talk to you about the best treatment option which helps to cure cancer while saving the penis as much as possible.
Tumors that have grown deep within the penis usually need to take nearby lymph nodes in the groin to check for cancer. Some doctors suggest doing sentinel lymph nodes biopsy.
Different surgical procedures are there to treat penile cancers. Penile-sparing methods are used as often as possible which include limited surgeries and local treatment. This is done to save the penis, the way penis looks, preserve sexual function, and be able to urinate while standing up.

Option of Circumcision

If cancer is only on the foreskin, circumcision can help to cure cancer. The operation removes foreskin and nearby skin. This is done to the pneis before radiation therapy. The radiation can lead to the tightening of the foreskin and swelling.

Simple excision

The tumor is cut out with normal skin. If the tumor is small, then the remaining skin can be stitched back together. If it is a wide local excision, then the tumor is removed along with normal tissue around it. The removal of healthy tissues makes it less likely that cancer cells are left behind. If there is not enough skin, then skin graft is taken from different body parts and used over the specific area.

Mohs surgery (microscopically controlled surgery)

With the Mohs technique, the surgeon takes the skin layer with the tumor and checks it under the microscope. Another layer is removed and examined if it contains cancer. The process is repeated until the skin sample does not contain cancer cells in it.
The process is slow but healthy tissues near the tumor can be saved. After the surgery, the penis looks and works better. The technique should only be done by the trained doctor. The technique can be used for CIS, when the cancer is on the skin top layer and for early-stage cancer when cancer has not grown deep into the penis.

Partial or total penectomy

This operation helps to remove part or all the penis. It is best to treat penile cancer which has grown inside the penis. The goal is to remove all cancer. The surgeon needs to remove the normal-looking penis and leave as much shaft as possible. When just the penis end is removed, it is called partial penectomy.

The total penectomy is done when not enough shaft can be saved for the man to urinate when they stand up without dribbling. If the man has an advanced tumor, then the penis and scrotum are removed. The process of doing this is called emasculation.


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