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Painful Menstrual Periods Treatment In Ludhiana, Punjab

Painful Menstrual Periods Treatment In Ludhiana, Punjab, Those 3 to 4 days in a month of every girls’ life are somewhat which most of the girls describe  as “Painful days”.Some sort of pain is completely normal which we all describe as cramps. But if these cramps are emerging out to be unendurable, then, in that case, you should consult us for an effective period pain treatment that will aim at giving you instant relief.

Menstrual cramps treatment in Punjab at (Aastha Super Speciality Hospital) is carried out by vastly experienced doctors who try to get to the root cause of the problem before suggesting the patients with any kind of medications. There are several success stories of the patients who opted for the painful menstrual period’s treatment in Ludhiana. One such story is here which we like to mention:


Success Stories

Ankita Sharam Bhardwaj
After I delivered twin babies, I started to have intensely painful periods. I did not know why I was facing pain in periods. The doctors diagnosed me with secondary dysmenorrhea. To get out of this, I had to take regular medications along with self-care. It was difficult for me as I have to take care of my tiny tots as well. But the team of the Aastha Super Speciality Hospital helped me a lot to cope with this issue. They not only treated me, but they also counselled me.

Dysmenorrhoea – The Painful periods

When it is the kind of pain that you can not endure, then it’s high time that you should seek help from a reputed gynaecologist in your area. Dysmenorrhea is the medical term given to the painful periods, which is divided into two categories as given below:


Primary Dysmenorrhea Secondary Dysmenorrhea
When there is no visible cause of the painful periods or you are encountered with pain
when it is your first time, then it is known as primary dysmenorrhea. This
When it is merely the reproductive disorders that are coming out to be the origin of the
pain like the following, then such kind of pain can be considered in the
category of pain is usually deemed as the one which does not require you to be
category of secondary dysmenorrhea:


Does the age factor have something to do with the painful periods?

According to various researches, women can suffer from both painful periods and irregular periods irrespective of their age.


Which are the most observed symptoms of dysmenorrhea?

Some of the noticeable symptoms are:

  • Constant ache in the abdomen, lower back and the whole of the legs.
  • Nauseous feeling
  • Headaches
  • Digestive Problems
  • Tender Breasts
  • Constant swelling in the abdomen

How is the treatment of the painful periods carried out at Aastha Super Speciality Hospital?

Here are the situations, when you should deem it as the right time to see the

gynaecologist in Ludhiana.

If the condition is not serious If the pain is normal but the patient is not able to endure even the minimal pain, then we
usually suggest they intake some kind of pain reliever like paracetamol.
For long term relief If the pain is coming out to be disastrous in every period, then by aiming for long term
relief, we recommend the intake of medications that inhibit the prostaglandins.
Long term relief without medications can be sought with regular exercise and a watchful
If cramps are a concern Periodic cramps are normal which every girl goes through during the menstrual days. To get
rid of that, our gynaecologist suggests the application of heat with the hot water bottle
If the patient does not want to have medication treatment In case the patient does not want to take the medication owing to some kind of belief, then they should prefer the bed rest.


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