PRP Treatment

Hair Loss PRP Treatment In Ludhiana, Punjab

At Astha Super Speciality Hospital, we have recently introduced the most result-oriented and cost-effective hair loss treatment. Usually, people rely on hair transplants for hair restoration procedures. But we have aimed at establishing the faith of people in the PRP Treatment in Ludhiana.

Did you know?

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. This element is present in our blood.

A to Z About PRP Treatment

PRP for hair loss is one of the scientifically proven procedures which involves only three simple steps:

  • Views of the medical community

    The PRP injections are thoroughly responsible for stimulating the natural growth of the hair by increasing the supply of blood to the individual hair follicles. The thickness of the hair shaft increases with the effectiveness of this stratagem.

  • PRP Treatment in Punjab is the most effective hair growth approach and when it gets combined with the other hair loss procedures, then the sure shot results could be expected.

Which Stages Are Included In The PRP Therapy?

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Therapy, as we all know is a three-step procedure which includes the following:

  • Stage 1: Drawing Of The Blood

    First of all, the blood is drawn from the arm. The drawn blood is put into the centrifuge.

  • Stage 2: Separation Of The Various Elements Of The Blood

    After the blood is rotated for 10 minutes in the centrifuge, the blood gets separated in the three layers which are as follow:

    • PPR (Platelet Rich Plasma)
    • PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)
    • RBC (Red Blood Cells)
  • Stage 3: PRP Is Taken Out And Is Injected Into The Scalp

    The platelet Rich PLasma are drawn in the syringe and are then injected into the various areas of the scalp in which the growth of the hair is needed.

Which Is The Giant Benefit Of The PRP Procedure?

The PRP Hair Transplant In Ludhiana is super beneficial since it involves the injection of your blood to the scalp. So there is possibly no risk for you to suffer from the communicable disease.

What Is Our Achievement?

We at the Astha Superspeciality hospital carried out research and found out that the therapy contains side effects only if it is not performed by well-trained doctors.

So our focus was to minimise the chances of the following to occur and we came out extremely successful in that.

So we can proudly claim that if any of the hair loss patients takes up treatment from us, then the following things will never be experienced:

  • The nerves and the blood vessels may get injured
  • Their infection could spread
  • The injecting points may get calcified
  • The tissue may get scar

Hair Loss PRP Treatment Cost

The PRP Treatment Cost is super pocket friendly. For one session you will be charged no more than INR 4000/-.

If your hair loss condition demands the performance of the multiple sessions, then the cost will differentiate accordingly.

For 5 Sessions, you will be charged only INR 20,000/-.

Final Comments!

We (Astha Super Speciality Hospital) promise you to provide the most result-oriented and cost-effective hair loss treatment. To know more about your eligibility and the mechanism of the procedure, please consult us at your earliest.


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