Respiratory Diseases

Treatment for Respiratory Diseases in Ludhiana, Punjab

Afflictions Concerning Respiratory Tract

Treatment for Respiratory Diseases and Disorders in Ludhiana, Punjab, Respiratory disease is predominantly divided into two types – Infectious and Chronic. When we are talking about Pulmonary infections, then we refer to the two topmost categories which are bacterial and Viral.

What happens when it is a viral kind of respiratory disease?

When it is viral, then the cells are replicated by the pathogens and result in serious diseases such as flu.

What are chronic diseases?

Chronic categories of respiratory diseases include asthma. Such diseases are not only persistent but are long-lasting as well.

Let’s have a look at some of the customary Respiratory diseases


Those who are suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases (COPD) are bothered because of the intense botheration and inflammation in bronchitis. In this stage, the person starts suffering from the excessive production of mucus.

COPD is caused when a person is exposed to chronic substances for a prolonged period. Such substances may cause intense irritation and damage to the lungs. These substances may include the following:

  • Cigarette Smoke
  • Inhaled Pollutants


Influenza as we all know is one kind of contagious disease which is known as flu.

The influenza virus is accountable for passing through the air from one person to another. When it gets inhaled, then the flu virus immediately moves into the respiratory tract. And after that, it enters the lining of the airways which are the epithelial cells.

Chest Trauma

The protection of the lungs is done by the thoracic cage or the rib cage. Whenever a trauma is found in the chest, then the tissues of the lung are found either punctured or torn. The air is accountable for escaping from the tear and gets built up between the lungs and the chest wall. The pressure of the air pushes the lungs outside until it comes out to be collapsed. When the lungs completely collapse, then it is known as pneumothorax.

Happy Patients!

Sunder Gangar

I am an Asthma Patient. I used to get bothered with my condition as even after the numerous treatments, my condition did not seem like getting better. But then I decided to commence my treatment from some other hospital. I chose Astha Superspeciality Hospital for that.

OMG! I Must say, I have never seen doctors like that of Astha. They are so compassionate and they listen to your problems. Their motive is not only to make the patient physically well. They counsel the patients if they are having some kind of emotional breakdown.

Sajan Shastri

The constant coughing and wheezing like situations had become a source of constant disturbance and botheration for me. I did not know it was COPD that was deteriorating my health. Then my parents decided to take me to Astha Superspecialty hospital. The doctors diagnosed my problem in the initial consultation.

My treatment went on with the medication and therapy approach. Within 6 months, my health condition got so progressed, that my life started to be on the tracks all over again.


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