Single Use Dialyzer

Nipro Single Use Dialyzers in Ludhiana, Punjab

The rationale for Single Use Dialyzer

Lately, single use dialyzers are seeing a revival in the US. Single use dialyzer permits dialysis providers to cut personnel costs. With technical developments contributing to improved production of comparatively inexpensive high-flux dialyzers, single use dialyzers are now becoming more desirable. Single use also helps patients by reducing residual germicide reuse syndromes.

Our kidney Hospital is the first hospital in the city, which gives you single use dialyzer treatment at an affordable cost. You do not need to pay extra for this as compared to other or normal dialyzers. We have a team of experts, who have specialization to perform this treatment effectively. To get more detail about Nipro single use dialyzers in Ludhiana, you must pursue reading.

Proposed reasons for single-use dialyzers

Several medical types of research have proposed medical, economical, and operational arguments in favor of single-use dialyzers.

Medical Argument

Single use dialyzers reduce illness and injury levels, the probability of mistakes and injuries, and the dangers associated with germicide use and denatured blood materials. Even, a good immune reaction and improved removal of small and medium molecules may be necessary. Any of the above research has shown a significantly elevated risk of hospitalization and mortality in patients reusing dialyzers. Not only these, but the usage of single use dialyzers will also surely improve your life quality as well as maximize the life span. As compared to normal ones, this does not have any type of health hazard or risks.

Operational Argument

Single use simplifies and is convenient for certain operational aspects of dialysis. There is no need to reuse record-keeping, technician training, safety and sterilization room maintenance, and more extensive quality assurance programs that are inevitable in reuse processes. The inspection of dialyzers often takes far less time, so tests on the number of fiber bundles are not needed. Compared with reuse techniques, the risk of medicolegal liability is also negligible in a single use.

Economic Argumentation

Lastly, research revealed that single use dialyzers also have an economic benefit for the provider. The reduced demand for resources and space has a budgetary benefit.


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